Alpinestars Bionic Race Back Protector ::

Alpinestars Bionic Race Back Protector

  • Ergonomic five-plate design that contours to the natural curve of the back
  • Plates lock to prevent over-extension of the back
  • Specially formulated impact absorbing material gives exceptional protection with minimal weight and thickness
  • Soft, slim tailpiece for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Adjustable kidney belt waist straps sustain the protector and support the lumbar region using a crossover fastening system that lets the wearer regulate the lumbar support
  • Fits into Alpinestars 1-piece suits, can also be worn individually
  • Plates have air channeling through the center for high breathability
  • CE-certified Level 2 impact performance

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Sizing Information

These back protectors can be worn on the body under suits or jackets and they can also be snapped into Alpinestars suits (that have provisions for this). Alpinestars makes the following recommendations for picking a back protector based upon the suit size you have:

BP Size Suit Size Range (shown in European sizes)
Small Men’s 46; Women’s 38 to 40
Medium Men’s 48 to 56; Women’s 42 to 50
Large Men’s 58 and up

If you plan to wear one of the back protectors under a jacket, you can use the following information to choose a size that will fit under the jacket. Waist sizes are highly adjustable and should work for most anybody, but we are also including an approximate range as well:

BP Size Width
(across the top)
Height Approx Waist Range
Small 9.5” 20” 20” – 43.5”
Medium 9.5” 20” 26” – 46.5”
Large 10.5” 23” 28” – 49.5”

Our Two Cents

The Bionic Race Back Protector is for those who want a race quality back protector for use under a suit or jacket. The back protector is held securely to the rider’s body with a wide Velcro close waist belt. For those that own an Alpinestars suit, there is a snap at the top of the back protector that fastens to a corresponding strap inside the suit (up by the collar). The back protector is offered in three sizes as explained above. To convert the Alpinestars suit sizes listed above, just subtract 10 to get the corresponding men’s chest size. Example: The Medium back protector is recommended for use with suits that range in size from 48 to 56 European and that would correspond to a US chest size of 38 to 46 inches. Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above to see some close-up pictures.

Sizing Tip: I just tried measuring myself with and without the Bionic Race back protector on me. Wearing it makes about a 2” difference in overall chest size. But if you use this back protector, you’ll likely be removing the foam back pad that comes in most jackets and suits you’ll be using with the back protector. If so, the net difference in fit will be about 1” added to your chest size with the upgraded back protector. So if you are buying a new jacket or suit based on measurements, you’ll want to add one or two inches to your measurement if you plan on using an upgrade back protector.