AGV Sport Valencia One Piece Suit ::

AGV Sport Valencia One Piece Suit

  • Constructed from top grain cowhide leather
  • Removable and washable polyester mesh lining
  • Major seams are multi-stitched for maximum safety
  • 5mm thick rubber padding on the collarbone and rib areas
  • 6mm thick memory foam back protector
  • Moisture wicking neoprene in the collar for maximum rider comfort
  • Reflective piping on shoulders
  • Sleek aerodynamic race hump
  • Windproof stretch material at crotch and arms
  • Light durable nylon fabric behind the knees and rear calf area
  • Leather stretch material on elbows, lower back and above knees
  • CE approved protection on shoulders and elbows for maximum safety
  • Pre-curved arms for a perfect look, fit and for maximum riding comfort
  • High-quality YKK zippers used throughout
  • Equipped with replaceable knee pucks
  • Ready for Forcefield Back Insert Size 001 (optional accessory)

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

I personally tried on my size in this suit and the fit was about right, and it looks like AGV’s size chart is reasonably accurate. I’d say the max height the suit will accommodate is “average” or “below average”. I think a person who is relatively tall won’t find a good fit in this cut. My guess of max height would be around 5’8” in the smaller size ranges, 5’10 in the medium size ranges and about 6’1” in the largest sizes. Just to give you an idea, I’m 6’ tall and tried on a size 46 and it was barely adequate for height.

Size Chest (in) Waist (in) Sleeve (in) Inseam (in)
40 39.5 – 40.5 33 – 34 24.5 32
42 41 – 42 34.5 – 35.5 25 32
44 42 – 43 36 – 37 25.5 32.5
46 44 – 45 37.5 – 38.5 26 32.5
48 46 – 47 39 – 40 26 33
50 47.5 – 48.5 41 – 42 26.5 33.5
52 49 – 50 42.5 – 43.5 27 34

Note on Inseam: The ACTUAL inseam on a suit like this will be 2 or 3 inches shorter than normal pants or jeans you buy. The pant legs tuck into boots and are only made to reach to the top of your foot. The inseam lengths in the table are longer than the actual inseam lengths on the suits. I’m not sure why they’d even list them other than to perhaps give you a frame of reference if you were comparing to jeans, I dunno. Actually they are pretty useless, so just ignore them.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

With a suit like the Valencia, it is important to be clear about what it is and what it isn’t with regard to overall quality. There is a pretty complete list of features listed above (by the manufacturer), and the suit does include all those things (except maybe for the stretch material discussed below). Would I call it a high quality product? No, I couldn’t say that. What I could say is that it offers the basic features you’d absolutely need in a one piece suit. The build quality is better than the very cheap junk you find on eBay, etc, that is directly imported from Pakistan (or elsewhere) for unbelievably low prices. But the overall build quality is not as good as other suits we sell. This is an ENTRY LEVEL suit and is priced accordingly. Here are some good things: The leather is thick and looks to be very sturdy, and the suit has a lot of perforated areas that will make it more bearable in hot weather. I like the overall styling, and it is nice that it comes with knee sliders (so that is one less thing you have to buy to get started). And here are a few downers: The material used for the suit’s liner is pretty cheesy. And the Velcro used to secure the suit at the cuffs and the ankles, etc is cheap, stiff and pokey. Hopefully those things will break in for you. At the ankles, this might not be a problem (over socks), but at the wrists it will chafe you (athletic tape??). Removing and installing the liner is really annoying because the Velcro snags the liner material so badly (a poor combination of materials that are not compatible with each other). If you wash the suit, you’ll have to find something to cover the Velcro, otherwise you’ll have a snaggy wadded up mess by the time you are done. The material used as the “windproof stretch material” is just thick, stiff unstretchy canvas. In higher-end suits you’d find the stretchy/abrasive-resistant Keprotech material. The lack of stretch means they can’t tailor the suit to fit too close to your body and there is less freedom of movement. The armor used in the suit is kind of low tech as compared to higher-end suits. It is not unlike armor used 10 years back, which means it isn’t horrible, but it is nothing special by today’s standards. And the back protector is just a really thin little piece of memory foam… hardly worth a mention. But combined with the speed hump, it’s not so inadequate. OK, now that I’ve said all these mean things…. let me say that this suit is intended for a beginner and is priced really low. I’d say it is passable quality for a beginner and a lot better than you’ll get if you buy an “off brand” suit from who-knows-where. And if I didn’t think it was a reasonable value, we wouldn’t even sell it. :: Paul, 05-16-12

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