AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather Jacket ::

AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather Jacket

  • 1.2mm (body) to 1.4mm (impact areas) premium, top-grain leather construction for optimum protection, durability and comfort
  • Perforated leather at chest and belly for cooling air flow
  • Two zip open exhaust vents on the back
  • Full mesh lining
  • CE approved dual-density shoulder and elbow protectors
  • External Titanium in plastic shoulder cups
  • 10mm thick memory foam back pad
  • Moisture wicking neoprene in the collar for maximum rider comfort
  • Pre-curved arms for a perfect look, fit and for maximum riding comfort
  • Triple and double stitched main seam construction for maximum tear resistance
  • World famous YKK zippers
  • Extra long zipper pulls are used on all zippers
  • Two front hand warmer pockets
  • Three inner pockets; one vertical wallet pocket with zipper, two horizontal pockets, one with Velcro closure, one with zipper closure
  • Zipper cuffs with Velcro closure
  • Velcro adjustable waist gathering straps
  • Samtex rubber coated stretch fabric is used on the inner arms for maximum comfort
  • Wrap around waist connection zipper for pant attachment
  • Ready for Forcefield Back Insert Size 001 (optional accessory)

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We used Huey and Dewey, our 42 and 46 size Fit Test mannequins to check out sizing. Both jackets fit as expected and so we feel you can use AGV’s size chart below to pick the best size for you. Keep in mind that a sport/race jacket like this is supposed to fit very snug and you should evaluate fit with the jacket zipped and sitting in a riding postion (arms forward). A sport cut like this is “pre-curved” to the riding position so it will fit well in this position, but with arms up, down, or back it will feel tight and restrictive.

AGV includes a “waist” size in their chart (just for reference I guess). I’ve always thought a “max belly” indication is more appropriate since the bottom part of a sport jacket fits more around your lower belly rather than your waist where your jeans ride. Anyway, the max belly for this sport cut jacket is about 6” less than the measured chest. Example: the size 46 will accommodate a max belly of about 40”.

AGV’s Chart:

Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Sleeve (inches)
40 40 – 41 30 – 32 24.5
42 42 – 43 32 – 34 25
44 44 – 45 34 – 36 25.5
46 45 – 47 36 – 38.5 25.5
48 47 – 48.5 38.5 – 41 26
50 49 – 50 40 – 43 26.5
52 50 – 52 42 – 45 26.5

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Tornado Perforated leather jacket is a “back to the basics” leather sport jacket. The overall styling is no doubt sport, but I think it is tasteful and sharp without being too tricked out. The perfs on the jacket are located on most of the front chest, but not all over. A partial perf jacket like this will actually be workable in a wider variety of temps than a totally perfed jacket. You’ll get pretty good air flow which will be fine in warm weather and maybe even tolerable in hot summer weather (if you are moving fast enough). But the fact that the jacket doesn’t have perfs all over will extend its usefulness into cooler temp ranges. This jacket doesn’t come with a removable liner, but you could easily layer underneath in cooler weather and make it work just fine. Then, unlike using a removable jacket liner, you’ll have a layer to wear when you get where you are going. Anyway, I like this part-way perfed design. The leather used in the jacket is heavy duty and I think the overall quality is very good. The jacket has the usual CE armor set-up for the shoulders and elbows. It also has some external shoulder pieces which look sharp, but are probably mostly cosmetic. The arms fit close like a race suit or race jacket, so there is no need for arm adjusters. The underarm fabric gives some freedom of motion and makes the snug cut of the arms workable. A design like this feels very secure with regard to armor placement. The waist is adjustable with some Velcro tabs. I guess my overall assessment is “what’s not to like?”. It’s a great looking jacket with a good fit and it is very reasonably priced. Get it! :: Paul, 06-11-12

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