AGV Sport Malibu Kevlar Jeans ::

AGV Sport Malibu Kevlar Jeans

  • Real DuPont® Kevlar® coverage in the hips and sides of your legs, knees and upper shins and throughout the seat and upper hamstrings
  • Made with the highest quality 12.5oz denim
  • Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection
  • Our special relaxed fit is perfect for riding motorcycles and is ideal for just hanging out when you’re off the bike
  • Anti-scratch plastic buttons
  • Two front pockets and a small change pocket
  • Two rear pockets with button down flaps
  • Perfect to wear over your boots
  • Sizing is similar to today’s popular relaxed fit jeans
  • Machine wash and dry

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

The jeans are sold much like any other pair of jeans. Just choose the waist and inseam that you normally wear. The material feels heavily pre-washed, so I wouldn’t expect much shrinkage under normal circumstances.

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Our Two Cents

AGVsport’s Malibu jeans are a good choice for those who want a regular looking pair of jeans that offer more protection than your average pair of Levi’s. These jeans are made from heavy 12.5oz denim, and are reinforced with a Kevlar lining at key impact areas. The seat, sides of the thighs, and knees are all lined with Kevlar which is well known for its strength and abrasion resistance (we have some pictures of these jeans inside out so you can see what areas are covered). These jeans have a relaxed fit and are boot cut so you can wear them over boots and stay comfortable on or off the bike all day long. The 5 pocket design includes button down flaps over the rear pockets to keep your wallet secure. There are belt loops which allow you to add your own belt as well. AGVsport has several models of Kevlar reinforced jeans to choose from; the Malibu has somewhat of a rust wash finish and looks more broken in. Take a look at our close-up pictures. I think our studio pictures are a better representation of color than the factory pic. And the close-up of the back pocket shows a bit of brown in the color mix. I guess that is why they call it “rust wash”.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Ronald M.
Location: Alabama

Well my daughter and I were cruising along on a Saturday evening on my Boulevard when a routine stop from 40 mph went haywire and we ended up low siding at about 15-20mph. Daughter scarred up her helmet, I lost a pair of leather gloves and only received a small hole in my Malibu jeans. I have a pair of Malibu, Shadow and Midnight jeans, they are comfortable, fit well and look like regular jeans. (Read more...)

From: Stein Robert S.
Location: NJ & Norway

Just received these today. Ordered two pairs of kevlar-reinforced jeans; one pair of AGV Malibu Rust, the other a pair of AGV Corsica Blue. Both pairs are true to description and seem very sturdy, yet pliable and comfortable. Both pairs are... (Read more...)