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AGV Sport GPR Gloves

  • AGV Sport’s ultimate full length sport racing glove
  • Constructed from premium cowhide leather with high tear strength
  • Premium Italian grade abrasion resistance Kangaroo leather on the palm
  • Ergonomically pre-curved fingers with elastic panels for comfort and maximum performance
  • High tensile strength thread stitching construction with leather reinforced palm, thumb and outer of little finger for maximum safety
  • Third and fourth finger bridge for protection
  • High grip material is used in the key inner thumb and palm area
  • High abrasion resistant genuine Stingray leather is used on the outer and inner hand, cuff area and palm for the ultimate in safety
  • Perforated leather panels between the fingers for intake ventilation
  • Perforated leather on back of hand for exhaust ventilation
  • Steel covered carbon fiber armor with shock absorbing memory foam on the knuckles for extra protection
  • Back of hand protected with hard plastic armor covered with perforated leather for maximum air-flow and breathability
  • High impact leather reinforced areas on all fingers is double stitched for maximum strength
  • Duo finger vents on first, second and third fingers for individual finger ventilation/air flow
  • Wrist strap for extra security with leather flap for cover
  • Double cuff closure for maximum security and fit

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

Note on Pricing: AGV lowed the MSRP on this product on 04-15-13 and therefore we can offer it cheaper, which makes it just like a closeout. The MSRP listed is the “original” MSRP.

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Sizing Information

I found these gloves to fit a bit on the snug side, but the materials feel like they will break in well and have some give, so I’d recommend buying the size you normally wear, but if you are sometimes between sizes, I’d say the larger would be the best bet. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

AGV Sport’s new GPR glove has a pretty impressive list of features you should look for in a race glove. The price of this glove puts it at the lower end of gloves that share so many racing features. For those that plan for track use or very aggressive street use, but need to stay out of the nosebleed section on price, this is one to consider for sure. The use of Stingray material on the sides of the glove and in the heel of the hand is impressive. There are numerous small protectors situated in critical areas. The next thing to take note of is the use of kangaroo in the palms. Nearly every glove for track use and even upper-end street gloves now use kangaroo. It can be made thinner for better “feel”, but has very high abrasion protection characteristics. I’ve not ever worn a pair to extreme, but I’ve been told on many occasions that kangaroo is unique in that it does not get “crunchy” or brittle after many uses and being saturated with sweat like a cowhide glove would. Don’t you just hate crunchy gloves! ha. These gloves also have the pre-curved finger feature. If you take the “View Larger Images” link above, you can see that there is an elastic material built into the palm side of the fingers. It contracts the leather sort of like an accordion, so that the gloves take on a natural pre-curved shape. It has been my experience that gloves will take on the same shape after just moderate use on the bike, but this seems to accelerate the break-in process. At the very least, it doesn’t seem like something that can hurt! I see also the leather connection between the ring and pinky finger found on most race gloves these days. I guess that is now pretty standard, so it must have pretty universal acceptance. I’d encourage you to give these gloves a try! :: Paul, 05-08-12