Treds Rain Boots ::

Treds Rain Boots

  • Slip-on 12” overboots keeps shoes and boots dry in any weather
  • Made with real natural rubber; snap closures keep out the elements
  • Single-last construction means either boot fits either foot; no fumbling for left and right boots in the rain
  • Easy on/off due to incredible stretch (800% elongation)
  • Almost impossible to rip (over 4,000 lb. of tensile strength and 210 lb. of trouser tear strength)
  • Thicker soles for extended wear, yet still fold small for easy packing with other rain gear items
  • Design features leather-look grain with stitching details molded into the rubber

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

You can choose a size based upon your shoe/boot size (see drop down menu above. To double check, you can measure the length of your boot and use this chart:

Shoe Heel-to-Toe
3-4 Between 10 1/2 & 11
5-7 Between 10 3/4 & 11 1/4
8-10 Between 11 1/4 & 12 1/2
11-12 Between 12 1/2 & 13 1/4
13-14 Between 13 1/4 & 13 3/4
15-16 Between 13 3/4 & 14 1/2

Our Two Cents

Here is a neat travel accessory for those who occasionally ride in rain but don’t have (or don’t want) waterproof boots. These will work best if you wear your pants or rain suit over the top of your boots. I don’t think they’d work well for those who wear pants tucked in sport boots (not a good seal around the top). Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above to see what I mean. These boots are made by a small company in Cincinnati OH (I like to support small US companies!).