FirstGear Rainman Pants - 2013 ::

FirstGear Rainman Pants - 2013

  • Waterproof, breathable
  • Heat-resistant material from knee to ankle
  • Adjustable webbing belt

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Sizing Information

Like the jacket, the Rainman pants are made slightly taller and larger than standard with the idea you’d be able to wear them over a jacket and pants without having to choose a larger-than-normal size. We advise you to buy the size you’d normally buy in men’s clothes. The waist is highly adjustable, so there shouldn’t be a problem with fit.

The chart below gives an estimate of actual measured size. Even though the waist on the pants is HIGHLY variable, I thought it might help so you could confirm that your measured waist is well within the size range for whatever size you choose.

Size Waist Relaxed Waist Stretched Inseam
Small 23 33 32
Medium 26 36 32
Large 31 38 32.5
XL 36 46 33
XXL 38 48 33
XXXL 40 56 344
XXXXL 46 57 35

Our Two Cents

FirstGear’s Rainman pants are made of high quality nylon. Nylon feels more like fabric as opposed to the plastic/rubber feel of PVC (used in cheaper rain gear), so you’ll enjoy wearing them. We sell these pants with the Rainman jackets (see below), or buy a pair separately for use with your own water resistant jacket. The pants have a large ankle zipper to allow you to pull them on over boots and the front of each leg has an overlay of heat resistant material (to resist melting near pipes). You also get a rear wallet pocket. The neatest feature of these pants is the integral storage pouch which allows you to store the pants in a very small, convenient pouch in your luggage (see pic by taking the “View Larger Images” link above). You can buy these pants (and the jacket) with confidence because it is a high quality product and this and previous versions of the Rainman have been a staple in our store for many years :: Paul, 04-05-13

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