Nelson Rigg AR-400 Arctic 1 Piece Insulated Rain Suit

  • Made from a 100% wind/waterproof, Trimax™ nylon/PVC
  • Full nylon lining for comfort when worn over leathers and other clothing
  • Complete adjustable zipped under arm ventilation system
  • “Hi-Brite” reflective safety striping on arms and legs
  • 2 large outer pockets, with 1 zippered large inner pocket
  • Heavy-duty zippers with pull tabs for use with or without gloves
  • Self adjusting waist band
  • Elasticized cuffs for snug and comfortable fit
  • Pants feature heat resistant panels on legs to protect from quick contact with pipes
  • Large 20” zipper gussets with stirrups for easy boot entry with adjustable cuffs and waist

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

These suits are made large to fit OVER riding gear. Generally speaking, you can choose a suit in the size you normally wear in men’s clothing. We’ve made a chart that shows the actual max chest, belly and inseam of each suit. You can use these measurements to verify that your suit size seems appropriate by measuring yourself with your riding gear on. If you DON’T plan on wearing this suit over protective riding gear you can use the chart to choose a size based on your measurements over whatever clothing you plan on wearing underneath. Our guess is you’d need to buy one or two sizes smaller than your normal size for wearing ordinary street clothes.

Suit Size Max Measured Chest Measured Max Belly Inseam
Small 44 40 30
Medium 46 42 30.5
Large 48 44 31
XL 52 48 31.5
XXL 55 51 32
XXXL 57 53 32.5
XXXXL 59 55 32.5

Largest size measurements coming soon.

Our Two Cents

Nelson Rigg’s Arctic Insulated motorcycle suit is quite a bargain right now. We’ve not ever carried a product like this, but our distributor approached us with a real deal and we thought there would be customers out there looking for a solution just like this. This suit is just what the name implies… a one piece insulated suit you can wear over your street clothes/riding gear to keep you warm and dry. It is not meant to be protective, but rather it is intended to add the layer of warmth over what you already wear for protection. I found the suit to be surprisingly nice. The materials feel good and sturdy. The padding is thick and comfortable feeling too. Unlike really cheap rain suits, this one uses materials that are soft to the touch (not plasticy). I don’t live in a climate where I can personally test this suit, but just from my experience with winter outwear, etc, I’d recommend it. This suit would even be great for other outdoor activities such as ball games, winter sports, etc. Heck at this price, you’ll find all sorts of good uses. Fit/Usability: During the process of developing the fit advice above, we asked four different guys in our warehouse try the suits while wearing a 3/4 length style touring jacket (Joe Rocket Nano to be exact). One common complaint is that the suit is hard to put on and take off by yourself (without someone assisting). The front zipper goes down just below the waist, so it is sort of like trying on a one piece race suit… unless you very flexible it goes much easier if you have somebody to help you get your arms into the sleeves. If it were like one of the textile one piece suits we sell and had a long zipper extending part way down one leg, it would be a lot easier, but heck, we are talking $58 bucks here! One thing we figured out was that it helps to pull the lower part of the suit completely up around your waist before trying to get your arms in. The suit has a sturdy zipper, but if you do too much struggling, you’ll pull the zipper from the fabric/insulation at the base of the zipper near your waist. This issue will be a bigger deal for some than others, but we advise all this in the spirit of full disclosure. When you are choosing a size, err on the side of larger rather than smaller :: Paul, 11-11-11

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: jonathan w.
Location: Missouri

This is a great, windproof, waterproof suit. Fits well, and will definitely keep you toasty warm. Unfortunatly, its to much for the riding i do, so im returning it for a pair of suspender type overpants! (Read more...)