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Icon Overlord Resistance Pants

  • Icon attack fit
  • Nylon chassis with Unit-Fused™ thigh and knee paneling
  • D30® CE certified knee impact protectors
  • Leather panels at the inside of the knees and saddle area
  • Ratchet waist closure
  • Articulated accordion flex zones
  • Adjustable knee and waist straps
  • Lower leg access zippers
  • Connects to Overlord Resistance jacket

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Sizing Information

While doing our normal fit checking on these pants we found some major inconsistencies in the sizing. The size 34” pant looked about right for waist and inseam. But the size 38 pant had a 36” inseam which is MUCH longer than it should have been by two or three inches. Also, on both pants, the knee armor was positioned about 3 or four inches lower in the pant leg than it should be. So when you wear the pants, the very top of the knee armor hits about at the bottom of the knee cap. We were able to tighten the adjustment strap on the leg in order to somewhat hold the knee armor up in position, but then the fabric in the pant leg was sort of bunched up above the knee. Not good either.

Because of these problems, we can’t recommend this pant unless you have seen them and tried them on and are OK with these issues (for example if you don’t plan on using the knee armor). In that case, we’d be glad to sell you a pair! :: Paul, 10-28-13

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