FirstGear TPG Escape Pants - 2014

  • Cocona┬« waterproof-breathable shell
  • D30┬« T-5 Evo Pro armor at knees and hips
  • Waterproof Dry Pocket
  • Waterproof zipper treatments throughout

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Sizing Information

These pants are made to be worn over street clothes and the sizing of the waist includes enough room to go over clothing (about two inches bigger than stated). I measured the inseam on a variety of sizes and found they came out remarkably close to the size chart (which, I must say doesn’t happen all that often).

To choose a size, I’d recommend you measure yourself with a tape, then go with whatever size you come up with. Like I mentioned above, the Escape pants are actually about 2” bigger than stated, so they will have room to go over your street clothes. A pant like this is made to ride higher on your waist than typically jeans do, so measure yourself just under the navel for the best reading. If you are between sizes, I’d recommend going with the smaller.

The pants have belt loops so you can use your favorite belt to customize the fit.

Size Regular Inseam Length Tall Inseam Length Short Inseam Length
29 31.5” - -
30 31.5” - 30”
32 31.5” 34” 30”
34 32” 34.5” 30”
36 32” 34.5” 30”
38 32” 35.5” -
40 32” - -
42 33” - -
44 33” - -
46 33” - -

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Product Video

Our Two Cents

These new Escape pants are the sister product to the 2014 Rainier jacket. As you might expect the jacket and pants share a lot of similarities with regard to overall design and materials. To describe the pants’ functions is really quite simple, they are a waterproof textile overpant that is worn over your favorite clothing (be it “technical” undergarments or just jeans). I know… that short description could describe a host of other pants we sell that are a WHOLE LOT less money, but the difference in this product line is HOW the pants are made waterproof. With the Escape it is accomplished with a new, specially treated fabric and the special treatment is branded Cocona. I did a bit of research and found a good trove of info on Cocona here. In a nutshell, it sounds like a treatment made to the shell material to make it both waterproof and breathable. Sounds like the same goal as a liner such as Gore-Tex, but without HAVING the separate liner. I can see the advantage in an overpant in reduced bulk. Wearing overpants can really add a lot of unwanted thickness and these pants are much thinner. And if you pair them with trim fit undergarments, you’ll have an overall package that is better looking and more comfortable. We took a number of close-up shots of the pants. Aside from the fabric, the armor is different also. It is a new, thicker product from D30. I’m not completely sold on this new thicker version…. well, because it is um, thicker, but obviously a thicker protective material will protect better and that is what they chose to do. We sell a D30 replacement armor that is about 1/2 as thick as the armor in these pants. I took a shot of the armor and tried to show you thickness so you can see what I’m talking about. But anyway, the armor in the hips and knees is highly adjustable as to position because they’ve sewn in a bunch of Velcro to give you that adjustabililty. I see some reinforcement over the armor in the knees. Judging from what I can see through the mesh liner, it looks like Kevlar material commonly found in reinforced jeans (but don’t hold me to that). Other nice touches are the elasticized gaiters at the ends of the cuff to keep out wind and rain and also the small panels of, I would assume, less-meltable fabric on the insides of the legs to help if you come in contact with hot pipes. Overall, a sharp pant I think a lot of people will like. I’ll be anxious to get some rider reports on how well the Cocona thing works. I have no first-hand info about it at this time. I’m hoping that the design folks at FirstGear are on to something here and this technology will be a noticeable step forward in gear design. Time will tell. :: Paul, 10-14-13

Update: FirstGear just came out with a video demonstrating the amazing properties of D30 armor.

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