Cortech by Tour Master Latigo Pants

  • Constructed with a combination of perforated and non- perforated top grain drum dyed leather (1.2-1.4 mm)
  • CE approved knee armor and soft hip armor
  • Triple and double stitched with high strength, bonded nylon thread
  • Accordion style expansion panels at knees and waist for increased flexibility and a performance fit
  • Heavy duty, 600 denier stretch nylon panels in the inseam and calves for ease of movement
  • Pre-curved knees for comfort and performance in the riding position
  • Mesh lining throughout enhances air circulation and comfort
  • Features a full-circumference and 8 inch pant to jacket attachment zipper with the jacket sides included

Adapting for Use with Other Jacket Brands: We bought a large closeout group of these pants and I know people will want to know if these pants can be used with their jacket. Here are some tips about that:

1) REV’IT! jackets and AGV jackets that have short rear zippers should be directly compatible with the short rear zipper on these pants. Both the short and full-around zippers on Cortech and Tour Master jackets (if so equipped) will be compatible also.

2) The pants come with the mating half of both the short rear zipper and the full around zipper, so if your jacket already has a zipper built in for connection to pants, it would be a simple matter to get a tailor to sew in the zipper that comes with these pants in place of (or even in addition to) the zipper in your jacket.

3) Suspenders are an easy way to wear sport pants like this with any jacket. Clip on suspenders can be easily attached to the mating zipper on these pants without damaging the waist band, and suspenders are SUPER comfortable to use on a bike.

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Sizing Information

The waist in these pants is made of stretchy material which gives some flexibility, but we did find them to be pretty snug, so if in doubt order the next size up. The Velcro belt will let you tighten up about an inch and a half out of the waist, but not loosen up any. Below is the sizing chart as provided by Cortech:

Pant Size Waist Size
Small 32
Medium 34
Large 36
XL 38
XXL 40

Inseam on these pants is approximately 31” (a bit less on the smaller sizes and a bit longer on the bigger sizes). A sport pant like this is designed to only reach to the ankle, so they will fit comfortably on a person who wears around a 33” inseam. Since they are tucked inside boots, the inseam isn’t super critical, but the pants won’t fit those with longer-than-average legs because the armor won’t be in the right position.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Latigo leather pants by Cortech are a great pick for riding the track or the street. When combined with a compatible jacket, you will have a good leather suit for track days or aggressive street riding. And, you will still have the option of wearing just the jacket with riding jeans for more casual rides or commuting. This is great for those who might not want to buy a dedicated track suit but would like the option of wearing one from time to time. These pants have both a full circumference zipper and a short rear zipper for attachment to compatible jackets. According to Tour Master’s website, they should zip to any leather Cortech or Tourmaster jacket. They also include the mating half of the zippers, which helps if you plan to adapt the pants to a non-Cortech jacket. Putting a zipper into a jacket is generally no big deal for a tailor when you already have the correct zipper for them to install. These pants are made with a combination of perforated and non-perforated leather, as well as stretchy fabric from the crotch down to the back of the knees and the calves. There are also accordion style expansion panels at the back of the waist and above the knees. This should allow for good freedom of movement as well as comfort in mild to warm climates (no leather pants are comfortable in really hot weather). They are perforated on the front, while the sides and rear are solid leather. There are Velcro panels on the knees for the attachment of knee sliders (not included), as well as lower leg zippers to help get your foot through. These pants also have an expansion zipper on the lower leg, but we are scratching our heads as to its purpose. Alpinestars pants have an expansion zipper like this to accommodate big calves, but on this pant, the zipper is too low to help with big calves, so unless you have cankles, I don’t think they’ll help much. The zipper does add maybe an inch or two of room at the ankle but it’s not enough to fit over boots either. Oh well… For protection there is soft foam armor at the hips and tailbone, as well as non-removable C.E. approved armor in the knees. The pants are triple and double stitched so they should hold up well if introduced to the pavement. Take a look at our custom pictures at the link above for more detailed views of these pants and their features.

Note about the Youtube video: Cortech has titled the video Latigo One Piece and Two Piece Suit and the first two thirds refers to their one piece suit. The last part discusses the features of the Latigo jacket and pants, which are sold separately but combine to make a nice two piece suit.

Please Note: These pants were originally designed to come with leather patches to cover the Velcro for pucks when not in use. The design was changed prior to production, so the pants DO NOT come with those leather patches.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Jameson R.
Location: Alabama

These pants are great. They are more cut for an "American" build instead of some of the other manufacturers assuming guys have chicken legs. I would highly recommend these.

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