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Speed and Strength Rust And Redemption Armored Moto Jeans

  • 12oz Pre-distressed denim
  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved knee armor
  • Knees and seat reinforced with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber thread
  • Stretch panels at waist and knees
  • Articulated knees
  • Straight fit

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Sizing Information

I checked the waist and inseam of a selection of these jeans over the size range. They measure out very closely to the stated size, so most people can buy the size they usually wear in jeans.

Some jeans/pants are “vanity sized” meaning the pants are made bigger than the stated size to make you feel better about your body. If in doubt, you can measure the waist of your favorite jeans to determine the “true” waist size. Just take the link below to learn how to measure a pant waist if you aren’t sure.

And here is the part to be cautious about: These pants are cut very narrow through the legs and butt. Our young skinny model and Aaron, one of our phone reps, could wear them OK because they are very thin, but another couple people in our office, including me, couldn’t make them work. We are larger framed and couldn’t get comfortable in a cut like this. So if you are familiar with and OK with skinny or European cut pants, then you won’t be surprised, but otherwise beware.

The leg ends of the pants are quite small at the ankle. They’ll work over riding boots/shoes that fit close to your ankle, but probably won’t go over wider-top boots, like engineer styles or sport/race boots with shin armor.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Wow, I’ve seen something new and different with these new Rust and Redemption jeans… and let me tell you folks, that doesn’t happen every day! In trying on my size in these jeans, I noted the knee armor was “off” just a bit to the inside and just a bit higher than it needed to be on my leg when sitting. The armor is located in a pocket on the outside of the jean. There is an opening in the top of the pocket just above the knee. At first, I was a bit put off by this because you could see the top edge of the armor peeking out. I was thinking it would be possible for the armor to come out of the pocket in an accident. But in exploring further, I see that there is a longish Velcro strip both on the outside surface of the armor and a mating half on the inside of the pocket. The pocket is wide enough and long enough to allow for quite a bit of adjustment using that handy piece of Velcro. I was able to get the armor positioned just over my knee, and the Velcro holds it in place very securely. What a great idea! It is rare to see such a simple modification to a design make such a difference in function! Great job Speed and Strength!

Another great feature of these pants is the expansion panels above the knees and below the waist. The function is obvious… to give some stretch so you’ll be comfortable in a tuck position (and potentially cut down on plumber’s butt). I’ve seen this before on other jeans, but the stretch material is plentiful and has more “travel” built into it than with other pants I’ve tried.

Otherwise, the pants are the standard denim construction with Kevlar backing the seat area and the knees. Pictures speak louder than words for the aesthetics, so please take a look at our close-up pictures by taking the “View Larger Images” link above. Overall, besides the cautionary tale about the thin fit (see above in the sizing advice), I really like these pants… finally a style where you can effectively adjust the armor and it stays in place! The styling is sharp and the price is reasonable considering the inclusion of the armor with the nifty adjustment feature. :: Paul, 08-19-14

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: William H.
Location: California

I've been searching for a riding jean with built-in armor for a couple years now and by far this is the best I've found in looks and quality of materials, but just as Paul writes in the description, getting the correct fit can be a challenge. If y... (Read more...)

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