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River Road Scout Leather Jacket For Women - 2013

  • Made of premium, heavy-weight leather
  • Unzip the 2 front ports to reveal perforated leather that lets air into the jacket to circulate around the body and exit the rear exhaust vents
  • Sleeve cuffs have a 2 way zipper to regulate air through the mesh gussets
  • Multiple compartments concealed under the front pockets make it easy to carry the necessities of the road
  • Includes a metal clip on a bungee lanyard for keys
  • Power stretch panels on the side and under the arms provide freedom of movement and a flexible fit
  • Reflective tape on the front and back increases night time visibility
  • Protection includes CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows plus EVA foam back pad
  • Fully-sleeved, snap out liner reflects body heat inward and permits humidity to escape providing maximum warmth with minimal bulk
  • A Thermal Neck Wrap extends up the neck and chin and stows back into the jacket when not in use
  • The inside pockets on both the jacket and liner have a phone pocket on the left side, and a map/cargo pocket on the right side
  • Additional internal storage is located just inside the left placket, chest high; perfect for a wallet!
  • Collar is finished with a soft, smooth padded tipping
  • Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Sizing Information

We tried a size Large on our Fit Test mannequin, Shirley and thought the size large fit just great. From the test we recommend that you use the Sizing Chart from River Road to choose a size.

The only thing we noticed about the fit of these jackets is that the arms a cut snugly. If you have thin/skinny arms, then you should be fine and will probably like the fit, but if you have larger arms, then you might want to consider one of the smaller men’s sizes since the arm cut in the men’s is larger and the overall cut of the men’s/women’s jackets otherwise appear much the same.

Alpha Size S M L XL XXL
Dress Size 6 8 – 10 12 – 14 16 – 18 20 – 22
Bust Measurement 32 34 – 36 38 – 39 41 – 43 44 – 45
Waist Measurement 25 27 1/2 – 28 1/2 30 – 31 1/2 33 – 35 37 – 39
Sleeve Measurement 30 31 32 33 33
Hip Measurement 36 37 – 38 40 – 41 43 – 45 47 – 49

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Scout jacket has been around for years in the FirstGear line. We closed out the last of the FirstGear Scouts last year and another version has not appeared in their product line (as of this writing anyway). The same distributor owns both the FirstGear brand and the River Road brand, so apparently what they’ve decided to do is shift the Scout style over to River Road. The Scout has always been more of a touring/cruiser type jacket and River Road is more targeted to that market than FirstGear, so it makes sense to me. I only hope that those in the market for a Scout will make the connection and find this one! As far as overall quality, River Road has always been a “mid-priced” product and FirstGear has been one or two notches above that. This Scout jacket has an identical feature list to the FG Scout, but the price and also the overall quality is a bit less. That is not to say it isn’t perfectly acceptable to people at this new price point, but I thought it was worth a mention in case a past Scout buyer chooses one of these… they’ll know what to expect. As I mentioned, the Scout is about long distances and a great leather style. This jacket has tons of pockets for storing all your little do-dads. The front chest zippers do double duty. They can be opened to expose two of these storage areas, but also they can be left open for venting. With the zippers down, you can re-position the leather over the pocket area to expose a vertical strip of perforated leather which will allow some pretty good airflow. We’ve got some pretty good close-up pics of this you can see by taking the link to the identical men’s jacket (see below). Also, you’ll see a sleeve zipper that does double duty also. It closes down the sleeve cuff of course, but also becomes a zippered vent. And then there are rear zippered vents as well. For colder weather, you can use the jacket’s full sleeve thermal liner and that liner also includes a removable neck warmer thingy. One other premium feature worth a mention is the two way front zipper. With the jacket zipped up, you can raise the lower zipper pull to give yourself some extra room across the waist/lap, which can be welcome when sitting for a long time. Raising that zipper allows the jacket to drape over your lap better and not bunch up on your chest. Overall, this is a very nice style and it is offered at a price point that would be near half of the asking price of the FirstGear Scout (if it were available). :: Paul, 03-15-13

Note: We took a bunch of photos of the features of this jacket when we photographed the men’s jacket, so please have a look at those since the women’s version has the same exact feature list. If you click on the “View Larger Images” link on this page (above) you can view the fit check shots we took with Shirley.