Scorpion Intrepid Jacket ::

Scorpion Intrepid Jacket

  • Durable, 600 denier poly construction
  • Waterproof/breathable fixed liner
  • Exo-Tec CE® approved removable armor at elbows and shoulders
  • Back protector compartment with PE foam pad included (can be upgraded to optional SAS-TEC back protector insert)
  • Removable, full-sleeve EverHeat® thermal liner
  • Zippered chest vents, sleeve vents and rear exhaust vent
  • NightViz® reflective trim on the rear and sleeves
  • Dual waist strap adjustment for a custom fit
  • Comfortable collar trim with front relief panel
  • Two-way, YKK main closure zipper with Scorpion TPR pull
  • E-Z access storage pockets; 4 external, 2 internal and a rear fanny pack
  • Lightweight perforated lining for maximum air flow

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Sizing Information

This jacket is offered in “alpha” sizing. We checked the sizing on our Fit Check mannequins. The size Medium and XL fit Huey and Dewey very nicely! We also checked measurements on selected sizes and all checked out as it should, therefore we’d advise you to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

The overall cut of this jacket is “normal” and the taper from chest to waist is about 4”. If you have a bit of a belly, you can check your belly measurement and make sure that the jacket you choose is large enough for your chest AND belly. Example: The size XL will accommodate a 46 chest and a 42 belly. If you are trim through the waist, it won’t be a problem because there are very effective waist adjusters on this jacket and having the waist pulled in to fit actually enhances the looks.

Size Max Chest Max Belly Sleeve Length
from center of collar in back
Small 36-38 34 32
Medium 38-40 36 33
Large 42-44 40 34
XL 44-46 42 35
XXL 46-48 44 36

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The fall of 2012 seems to be the time for all our manufacturers to come out with new, affordable 3/4 jacket styles. Just in the last few weeks, I’ve reviewed the FirstGear Jaunt T2 and the Tour Master Transition Series 3 (comparable in style and price). And now the new Scorpion Intrepid jacket shows up on my doorstep! Consumers definitely have a lot of good choices right now! For the Intrepid, I’ll have to say the same thing as I did with the FG and TM jackets… there is a lot of value packed into this jacket. I’ve often commented that the Scorpion product line has a very similar “look” to FirstGear products (and I always suspected they worked with the same factories), but I think nowadays, Scorpion’s overall level of finish and materials may be headed above FirstGear’s. I say that more from having just reviewed the Scorpion Commander II because I was very impressed with it. The Intrepid jacket is also very nice looking, but it is an “entry level” design for a jacket like this and is purposely kept simple so the price matches the target audience. So who might that be? Street riders, commuters, touring riders… those who need protection from the elements, storage and climate control features. I’d say the majority of riders like this would be completely satisfied with this jacket and its price point. From a safety standpoint, you get CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows and a foam back pad. And the abrasion resistant nylon shell feels very heavy duty and should do a great job. The outer shell is “water resistant” and the jacket is made fully waterproof because it has a waterproof/breathable liner in between the jacket’s outer shell and inner mesh lining. This type of liner is probably the MOST effective to keep water out because none of the zippers, stitching, etc, penetrates it. The flip side to a waterproof liner is that the effectiveness of zippered vents is a bit decreased because air flowing through those vents doesn’t reach all the way through the jacket to your skin. I’ve always advised people to buy a jacket like this for three seasons and wet weather, then buy yourself a sporty all-mesh style for hot weather. The combination of two nice jackets will do a better job of providing what you need in terms of the climate as compared to more costly and complicated “do it all” jackets (just MHO). Anyway, the jacket has some venting by way of zippers in the front chest area and biceps and one large rear exhaust vent to give you the flow through effect. For cold weather, you can use the jacket’s removable full sleeve liner. I have to give Scorpion credit for their liners. The materials seem nicer than other brands and I bet they work better too. This jacket has a lot of storage…. take the “View Larger Images” link above to see some good shots of all the pockets. The two vertical-zip pockets on the chest double as zip vents too. There is a connection zipper in the rear you can use to zip to compatible Scorpion pants. Overall, I really like this style. The FG and TM jackets I mentioned above pack more features into their designs, but this jacket compares nicely because of overall quality, fit and style. :: Paul, 11-10-12

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