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REVIT Sand 2 Jacket

  • Outer Shell consists of PWR Shell 500D (similar to Cordura), Lorica®, PWR Wax 1200D, and 600D polyester
  • Hydratex® 3L waterproof and breathable membrane, which is detachable
  • Insulation consists of a detachable thermal liner
  • Visibility provided by laminated reflection materials at chest, back and upper arms, reflective logo at upper arms and back
  • ProLife® CE protection at shoulders and elbows, back protector pocket prepared for Seesoft CE level 2 back protector insert (sold separately) (see Our Two Cents below for appropriate size)
  • Adjustment straps at waist and upper arms and drawcord at hips
  • Flexisnap at collar makes it possible to adjust the collar circumference easily
  • Ultra thin adjustment tab at the sleeve cuffs allows rider to comfortably wear the sleeve of the jacket under the cuff of a glove if desired
  • Ventilation VCS zippers are located in strategic positions to allow cooling air flow
  • Features both short and long connection zipper allowing you to connect the jacket to any pants in the REV’IT line; here’s some info about zipper lengths/compatibilities
  • Handwarmer pockets, inner pockets, stash pockets and lower back pocket provide plenty of storage capability
  • Compatible with both Leatt® or Moveo® neck brace systems
  • Prepared for Challenger cooling vest insert

More info: This document explains some of the features and materials listed above. (Not all REV’IT! products have all the features or materials listed. Use your back button after viewing.)

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We tried a size Medium and an XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey. Those are sizes they usually wear in an “American” cut jacket. This jacket from REV’IT! fits well enough and it looks sharp, but there is very minimal room left. Many brands from Europe exhibit a fit like this, such as Alpinestars. If you look at REV’IT!’s published size chart (below), you’ll see their estimate of chest size is at least a full size smaller than what you’d find in equivalent US designed clothing.

So, having said all that, and judging the fit ourselves, we conclude that the fit is just about one half size smaller than what you would find in ordinary US men’s clothing. The amount the jackets are undersized is not as severe as REV’IT!’s size chart would have you believe. For most people, this means you’ll be able to buy the size you normally wear if you want a snug, European style fit. If you want a looser American fit, or if you are between sizes, choose one size larger.

Below is the REV’IT!-published chest size for each jacket’s alpha size along with our estimate of max chest and max waist/belly. This particular style is not a “sport” oriented style so there is not a lot of taper from chest to waist, and with a style like this you can effectively tailor the fit of the waist with the side waist adjusters, which makes the jacket look great and fit great, so don’t worry if your waist/belly is smaller than the max. We only list this for those that have a belly so they can know what minimum size they’d have to choose to fit the belly.

Jacket Size REV’IT! Published
Max Chest
Our Estimate
of Max Chest
Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
Small 34-37 37-39 37
Medium 37-39 39-41 39
Large 39-41 41-43 41
XL 41-44 43-45 43
XXL 44-46 45-47 45
XXXL 46-48 47-49 47
XXXXL 48-50 49-51 49

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

We are excited to be offering the new Sand 2 jacket from REV’IT! We’ve only been a dealer for REV’IT! for about six months (at the time of this writing) and we are still learning about the products. We started with REV’IT! about the time the original Sand jacket was going out of production, so we skipped that one, but we heard over and over that the Sand products were among the most popular of all their jackets. And now I can certainly see why… this thing is like the Swiss Army knife of riding apparel! There is SO MUCH to this jacket I’d bore you to tears if I attempted to describe all the common things, so I’ll just stick to the uncommon things, but first, I’d encourage you to tiptoe through our still images. Just take the “View Larger Images” link above and click through those. the captions and pictures will tell you a great deal. You can also see the nighttime reflectives (which work quite well), and you can see how they look on our standardized Fit Check mannequins.

The big deal in my mind about this style is climate control. I just finished a review of the Excalibur jacket, which is a short waist/sport version of this jacket. The liner system is the same. Here is what I said: This jacket has a pretty elaborate removable liner system that lets you choose whether to use a thermal liner, or a rainproof liner, or both together depending upon the conditions you have at the moment. It is about as close to a four season jacket as you can get. I’d say it is about a 3.5 season design. For warmer weather, the jacket has four front zip vents and a rear exhaust vent across the shoulder blade area. These vents will allow some pretty good air flow, but for really, really hot weather, a solid textile with vents isn’t going to be as good as a full mesh design…. that is why I dub this one a 3.5 season model. But back to the liner system…. it’s an easy concept really…. it has two liners, and you just experiment in different temps and see how each work singularly or in tandem. Once you get some experience with them, you’ll know what works best for you. Be ready for a bit of assembly and dis-assembly though. Between the two liners, there are at least four zippers and about a dozen little snaps to completely take it all out and put it all back in. But that really can’t be helped with a design like this to work properly. And besides, you won’t be changing configurations often. Now everything I said applies to this jacket but it wouldn’t hurt to stress that the zippered venting on this model is a bit more robust than with the Excalibur… and as well it should be because a full touring cut like this will need to flow more air to achieve the same comfort. In the close-up pics you’ll see the long lower arm vents and the front chest vents. The front chest vents have this little strap which can be positioned to hold those front vents open wide to admit for flow. And then this jacket has three rear vents (which is two more than most). Overall, I really like the styling of this jacket…. it is just so, uh, “REV’IT!” I guess. They definitely have this European/technical/adventure look, whatever you call it, down! Other little niceties I like are softly padded collar trim and the adjustable collar tightness. I also like the quality of the Hydratex waterproof membrane. It really looks high-end in person. I’ve bought some expensive bicycling gear that used very technical fabrics like this and I’ve always been pleased with their performance. There is a connection for zipping the jacket to pants. One little pan: I see a short rear zipper for connection to pants with the liner in or out (there is a short zipper in the jacket shell and also in the liner), but I don’t see the long zipper in the jacket shell… only in the liner. I’ll have to find out what their thinking was on that. Anyway, overall, a VERY nice jacket. Those who appreciate quality construction and materials will really like the Sand 2 and won’t mind the price either. May there be many of you out there! :: Paul, 03-11-13

Note About Back Armor: In Spring of 2014 Rev’It! made a decision to stop including an EVA foam back pad in their jackets because they are preparing to conform to recent European standards that will require every part of a garment to provide a minimum level of protection and they anticipate that the foam back pad previously offered would not meet the requirement. As an option, you can purchase a CE certified back protector (see below to purchase). Add a Back Protector: This jacket is made with a pocket to accept a Seesoft CE Level 2 Back Protector Insert type RV (RV refers to the shape). For sizes Small or Medium, choose size 4; for Large thru XXL, choose size 5 and for XXXL and larger choose size 6. :: Paul, 04-09-14

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