Scorpion Everclear Shield for EXO-500 and EXO-1100 Helmets ::

Scorpion Everclear Shield for EXO-500 and EXO-1100 Helmets (Green Only)

  • Maximum optical clarity, hardened anti-scratch coating, and EverClear anti-fog technology
  • Maximum vision even at night and in low light conditions
  • Shatter-resistant Polycarbonate faceshield is VESC 8 compliant, meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard for light transmission and optical clarity and provides 100% UVA & B protection

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Here is some info from the good folks at Scorpion:

What is EverClear® no-fog coating?

EverClear® is a thermally bonded anti-fog coating that protects against the build up of fog on the inside of the faceshield.

How is it applied:

EverClear® is flow coated onto the molded Polycarbonate shield and then thermally bonded (heated) in a dust free environment. We tested our Anti-fog coating against our competition and found Scorpion shields offer a better, consistent coating and a baking process that is second to none.

The thickness and consistent coating is why EverClear® performs much better and lasts much longer without fog/moisture buildup.

Customize your lid or carry a spare shield, these all have EverClear® so they will not fog up while riding.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Greg J.
Location: Virginia

I have had the helmet for about 2 years now. Has been a great helmet for me. Internal visor is nice so you don't always have to carry a second shield. Anti-fog works well in combo with the crack the vent feature. Room inside for the ear pieces of ... (Read more...)

From: Thomas L.
Location: Oklahoma

Bought this visor to replace my clear one that got very scratched up after 1 year or daily usage. I wanted to get a smoked one to get a little extra protection from the sun but I wanted to still be able to drive ar night with it. I usually commute... (Read more...)