Arai Comfort Liners - Profile Helmets

  • Riders will sometimes need to change the comfort liners that come installed in their helmets. Some people need a little more or less space, while others simply need to install a fresh liner for better comfort (and smell).
  • The liners come out and can be installed quite easily.
  • Use the chart below to figure out what size liner you currently have based on your helmet size, and then pick a replacement based on your need.

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Sizing Information

Use this table to determine what comfort liner size you currently have:

Helmet Size Comfort Liner Size
XS Small 10mm
Small Small 7mm
Medium Medium 10mm
Large Medium 7mm
XL Large 7mm
XXL Large 5mm

Each helmet size has four interchangeable comfort liner sizes/thicknesses. For example, if you look at the drop down menu above, you’ll see four different sizes of Medium Comfort Liners (5 mm, 7mm, 10mm and 12mm). Any of these will fit either a medium or large helmet. If you have a large Profile helmet, it came standard with a medium 7mm comfort liner. If the helmet is tight and you’d like a little more room, you’d choose the medium 5mm liner. If the helmet is loose and you’d like to snug up the fit, you could choose either the medium 10mm or medium 12mm liner.

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