Scorpion Base Plate Kit for EXO-400 and EXO-700 Helmets

  • Works with all Scorpion EXO-400 and EXO-700 helmets
  • Includes two base plates and associated parts
  • Buy replacement base plates when your old base plates don’t give good ratcheting action for your shield or if your old base plates get broken

Note: The part we are selling here is now identical to the base plate kit for the EXO-750. Scorpion now only offers the later design base plate kit that actually works for EXO-400, 700 and 750. The later design differs only slightly in that it has a shield locking mechanism that the older design did not. This newer design works with all shields for those three helmet models. So if you buy this part for your EXO-400 or 700 it will look very slightly different from what came on the helmet but it should work.

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