• Combination lock; four pin lock that you can change anytime
  • Carabiner-style with outward opening mechanism; allows you to secure your helmet to practically any spot on your motorcycle, as long as the diameter of the attachment point is less than 1-1/8” (handlebars, frame tubes, turn signals, mirrors, etc.)
  • Optional cable allows you to secure your helmet AND your jacket (or other riding gear) to your bike
  • The ends of the cable fit neatly onto the HelmetLok; the cable uncoils so you can thread it thru your riding jacket’s sleeve, pants, flip-face helmet, or other gear
  • The cable is made of thick nickel-plated steel; it has a nylon coating
  • The cable is coiled at 4.5 inches, expands to 6 feet and has a 220lb load capacity

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Our Two Cents

Here’s a handy little gadget I bet you will like. It comes to us from some clever folks in Australia. This helmet lock is so easy to use; it’s a wonder no one thought of it sooner. Use the HELMETLOK™ to secure your helmet to your bike using the D ring. It has a simple four pin combination lock that you can change at any time. We like the rubberized padding around the carabiner; seems like a good idea. There is also an optional cable you can buy to secure other things… a full face helmet that does not have a D ring, a jacket (by running the cable through the sleeve) or other objects as well. The little cable curls up into a very small package but stretches out easily to about 70 inches. The lock and cable can easily fit into a small pocket in your jacket or in a tank bag. OK, it’s a neat product, but “keepin’ it real” (at the peril of quoting Randy Jackson) I have to say that this is not a high security lock. It will dissuade your average punk from walking off with your stuff on a whim, but a determined crook will be able to pry this open easily with some common tools. Use your judgement as to whether a device like this is appropriate for the value of the gear you want to secure. Paul :: 08-02-13


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