Mobile Warming LTD Max Gloves For Women ::

Mobile Warming LTD Max Gloves For Women

  • Goatskin shell
  • Nanomax® waterproof membrane
  • Exkin air® waterproof insulation
  • Merino wool liner
  • Includes two 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charger
  • Provides up to ten hours of comfortable warmth Technical product information can be found here
    The Mobile Warming Owner’s Manual can be found here

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in women’s gloves. We tried on a selection in the office and the sizes we usually wear in a US designed glove fit fine.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Wow, the LTD Max gloves are finally available! They weren’t ready for the fall of 2012, but as of this writing, all sizes are available. Holly and I tried on a pair of these gloves for our photo shoot and found them to be very comfortable. The leather used is soft but sturdy feeling and they feel like they would wear very well. The inside is lined with a plushy black fleecy material. And between the outer leather shell and the inner lining is a waterproof barrier. Although these gloves are advertised as waterproof, I wouldn’t make a habit of wearing them in wet weather though. They are leather and they do have electrics, so frequent use in wet weather will likely do some damage IMHO. Anyway, speaking of electrics, each glove comes equipped with its own battery pack/controller unit just like in all the other Mobile Warming products. And to charge said batteries you get a plug-in charger with two male ends so you can charge the pair up at the same time. The battery pack tucks inside a pocket in the gauntlet. I’ve taken some good photos of this for you. Just click the “View Larger Images” link above and browse through those photos. You’ll get the idea. The heating elements are distributed on the back of the hand and on the tops of the fingers. There is an artist rendering of this you can view by taking the “Owner’s Manual” pdf link above. Being made of sturdy leather, these women’s gloves will offer some protection against abrasion in a fall, but unlike the men’s version they don’t have any “extra” padding for impact protection (not sure why, but they don’t). But, the gloves do have a Velcro close strap on the back of the wrist which is a motorcycle-specific feature designed to help ensure the gloves stay on your hands in case of a fall. It occurs to me that there are LOTS of riders who want to get in some miles in cold weather, but they just aren’t up to the chore of wiring up for power from the bike and that is where these will really shine. Oh, and don’t show these to your significant other… they’ll want a pair too. Well, I really didn’t mean that… you should get them a pair anyway :). :: Paul, 08-21-13