FirstGear Route 36 Gloves ::

FirstGear Route 36 Gloves

  • Leather construction with stretch fabric fourchettes for outstanding fit
  • Electro-touch conductive thread on thumb and index finger to operate your touch screen device
  • Short cuff style suitable for a wide range of riding styles

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

I’m reviewing four new gloves from FirstGear today for 2014…. the Kathmandu, Kilimanjaro, Navigator and Route 36. Overall, I’m not very impressed with any of these new styles from FirstGear. First, I found the sizing to be larger than expected. Granted, I only checkout out the XL, but the overall cut of the gloves is, well… simplistic and probably larger than it should be because the shaping of the gloves is not good enough to allow for a more snug fit. It takes a bit of finesse to make a motorcycle glove that is snug enough to offer good feel for the controls and still be comfortable. These aren’t that. Also, I found the materials to be of lower quality than other gloves we carry at similar price points. I hate like heck to call out FirstGear on this crop of gloves, because as a brand, they are one of my favorites and they’ve been making high quality products for years, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as a “professional” reviewer/advocate for our customers if I didn’t provide this information. If you want to buy a pair, we’ll sell them to you, but not on my recommendation. :: Paul, 10-08-13