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Icon Patrol Waterproof Gloves

  • Glove construction features a mild precurved design in the shape of your hand gripping the controls to cut down on hand fatigue, also eliminating the folds that can cause blisters
  • Waterproofing Level 3 gloves have a Hipora® Waterproof Liner, fully taped seams, and wrist cinch all of which help keep you dry in inclement weather
  • Abrasion resistant premium grade Battlehide™ goatskin because it is lighter than cowhide and is quite supple, yet extremely durable; perfect for hi-velocity engagements
  • Comolded knuckles
  • Shield wipe on left index finger

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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major American based brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, Joe Rocket, etc, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The Icon Patrol waterproof gloves are heavy duty feeling blend of leather, textile, and molded rubber construction. Most of the palm and fingers on the inside of the hand are made of a goatskin leather, which is soft and flexible. The majority of the glove on the back side is a nylon material with a neatly embossed pattern in rubberized lines.

For wet weather functionality, these gloves have a built in waterproof liner. The liner will act as a wind block as well as keeping rain out of the glove. The large cuff has a wide Velcro adjuster so you’ll be able to use the cuff over or under your jacket sleeve (whatever seems to work best), and finally there is a built in visor wiper on the left index finger, which is a nice feature to have when roads are wet.

Reflective material is used at the back of the hand for some nighttime visibility. A clear rubber and carbon fiber knuckle protector provides good protection for the back of the hand, It feels sturdy and should do a good job. In addition to the adjustable gauntlet, there is a cinch strap at the base of the hand to keep the gloves securely in place. I really like the design of the strap, it’s very easy to operate with both gloves on. Simply pull and it tightens, and lift on the buckle to release the tension. The Patrol gloves are lined with a soft fleece lining, and I would rate the insulation about mid way between very warm and lightly insulated. They should be very comfortable in a variety of cool and or wet weather. I’m kind of surprised by the very reasonable price for this glove given what I see here. I think they are a very good value! :: Paul, 04-26-18

Icon says: Eighty percent of the controls on a motorcycle are operated with your hands. The PATROL waterproof gloves were designed to keep you in control when the weather turns foul. The fully insulated and waterproof design provides maximum sanctuary from the elements. The chassis is not only waterproof but features a mild precurved design to reduce hand fatigue. The palm is constructed of Battlehide™ goatskin, while comolded knuckles cover the backhand. Finally, an integrated goggle wipe built into the thumb helps keep your shield clear.