Scorpion Passport Suit ::

Scorpion Passport Suit

  • 600 Denier poly Nylon outer shell construction
  • Scorpion’s® H20 BLOK™ is a 4 layer waterproof/breathable system consisting of an outer-barrier waterproof coating, 600D nylon shell, hanging waterproof/breathable membrane, and lightweight perforated mesh liner to maximize air flow
  • Rare earth magnet front closure provides you a clean and simple seal without the fuss of buttons and Velcro
  • Sas-Tec CE armor: Sas-Tec’s viscoelastic adaptive absorption armor remains soft and pliant when faced with low level forces, however when exposed to fast or heavy impacts, the resistance of the foam increases with adaptive speed; highly flexible for maximum comfort, Sas-Tec armor provides cutting edge impact absorption and premium protection
  • Scorpion’s proprietary Exo-Stitch Safety Seam assembly process provides a reinforced double stitch seam to produce highly durable construction
  • Full-body thermal EverHeat® liner provides warmth in colder temperatures, yet easily zips out for ventilation during warmer days
  • Ventilation: two chest intake vents with Velcro holders keep vents open, two sleeve zippers, and two exhaust vents provide exceptional flow-through ventilation
  • NightViz® reflective trim is strategically placed throughout the suit to provide maximum reflection for optimum safety
  • Sleeve straps allow for custom adjustment when liner is removed; an adjustable waist strap adjustment is conveniently located on both sides of the suit for continued customization
  • Main closure zipper is constructed with the industry leading YKK zipper system, also features a Scorpion TPR pull for ease of use while wearing gloves
  • E-Z access thigh pocket is perfectly designed to store your Butler Maps® waterproof, tear-resistant map; make sure to fill out the form provided in the pocket for your free map
  • Collar trim built with neoprene comfort spots to eliminate unnecessary pressure
  • Anti-slip seat patches
  • Accordion stretch panels

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Sizing Information

This suit is offered in “alpha” sizing. We weren’t able to check sizing using our Fit Check Mannequins because suits and pants don’t fit those guys very well. The mannequins are just too stiff to dress in a suit. So I checked the size XL on my own calibrated body (complete with oversize belly) and also measured the chest and belly of the size Medium. Based upon what I saw, the fit is good and I’d advise most people to pick the size they normally wear in men’s clothing. Fitting a one piece suit is a bit more problematic than fitting just a jacket or just a pant because the one size choice has to work for your entire body. But a suit like this is pretty forgiving (unlike a tight fit race suit) because the midsection is left large and then you can use the adjustment straps to bring in the waist to fit. I liked the overall fit on me, I thought it was very comfortable.

The chart below lists the max chest range, inseam and sleeve length as estimated by Scorpion. All those parameters are pretty typical, so no surprises there.

I also added a column for max belly as measured by me. Those with a generous midsection should make sure that whatever size they intend to buy should be big enough for their chest AND belly.

Update, 06-25-15: The sizing is right on with this suit with regard to chest and belly, but taller people beware! This suit will too short from shoulder to crotch for anybody taller than “average”. For example, I’m wearing the XL and I’m 6’ and fit XL jackets normally and I find the suit length just barely adequate. My running mate here, Aaron, tried on a Small suit and he is 5’ 9” and he had the same assessment… barely tall enough through the torso. The ideal height would be 5’8” or less in the small sizes, 5’10” or less in the mid sizes and 6’ or less in the bigger sizes.

Size Max Chest Max Belly Sleeve Length
from center of collar
in back
Small 36-38 34 32 32
Medium 38-40 36 33 32
Large 42-44 40 34 33
XL 44-46 42 35 33
XXL 46-48 44 36 34
XXXL 48-50 46 37 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Update 06-25-15: I bought a closeout group of these suits, and before putting them up for sale, I tried one on and “re-evaluated”. My impressions haven’t changed… this is a great suit for a commuter ESPECIALLY for cold and/or wet weather. I’ve never seen a better removable thermal liner that goes neck to toe! This suit is an absolute bargain at the closeout price. :: Paul, 06-25-15

Well, it’s still September in Texas so it’s warm and I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt, this suit is going to be GREAT when it gets colder out! I wore this suit for the feature photos and that thermal liner works great! ha. Seriously though, I really do like this suit and I think you will too… especially if you ride in colder or wet weather. The suit is made waterproof with a “mid-liner” which is a waterproof and breathable barrier between the suit’s outer shell and inside mesh/nylon liner. The barrier will keep out any water that gets past the “water resistant” outer shell. The suit does have some vents which admit some air past the outer shell, but since the air can’t directly pass all the way through the mid-liner, the cooling effect is muted. That is why I’m raving about the suit’s usefulness in mild to cold weather… because in hot weather, I’m afraid you’ll find it too warm. Anyway, I think most people will consider a design like this for commuting in milder and cold temps anyway. The overall design of the suit is very straightforward and I like the main zipper and how it goes part way down one leg. That design makes it easy to slip the suit on over your street clothes. Then there is a wind/water flap over the main zipper. Down low, that flap closes with Velcro, but higher up, it closes with strong magnets which really are nice for speed and ease of use. Why not just have magnets all the way down? I dunno… I’ll ask somebody at Scorpion. (see below) I mentioned the thermal liner…. it is really nice and goes all the way down each leg and the arms too. It should keep you toasty warm, ESPECIALLY if you added some heated gear… WOW! Take a look at our close up pics by taking the “View Larger Images” link above. We did some night shots so you can see how the reflectives perform. They look good and show up well. If you are into increased visibility then the Neon would be the choice. But both colors are there for you. The armor pieces in the suit are a thin but dense “memory foam” type armor. It is very flexible and molds to your body. It is very appropriate for a garment like this that is worn over your street clothes since all those clothes can get a bit bulky, but at least the armor won’t add to the situation. Overall, a very nice suit that I think you will like too. For the quality of construction and the sheer “volume” of product here, I think the price is very reasonable too. :: Paul, 09-25-13

The design guys at Scorpion say the reason the magnets don’t go all the way down is that the magnets might start trying to attache to motorcycle parts if they were extended down lower…. ahhhh, I say! :: Paul, 10-04-13

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: David K.
Location: Singapore

Service was top notch, products arrived in mint condition within a week (pretty good considering the order was consolidated to ship 3-5 days later and it had to make the trip across the pacific ocean). Very satisfied with the TCX S-speed boots, which are sturdy yet comfortable and invulnerable to the rain. The apex drystar gloves are great for keeping warm when it rains, but gives little tactile feedback and is too hot for use in tropical climates. (Read more...)