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River Road Pueblo Cool Leather Pants

  • TFL Cool System® technology reflects up to 80% of solar rays and restricts the warming effect on leather; it reduces the surface temperature of the leather for improved comfort
  • 5-pocket jean styling provides a classic look
  • Leg openings feature snap closures and full-length side zippers for easy on/easy off
  • The full-length mesh lining will not cling to your pants

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Sizing Information

These pants are designed as overpants, but unlike other overpants we sell, they are not over-sized (with the idea they’d fit over your clothes). So for wearing over jeans and other long-leg street clothes, I’d recommend buying one size larger than your jeans size. But for wearing over shorts for very light pants, then you might get away with buying the size you normally wear, especially if you have relatively skinny legs.

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Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Pueblo Pants from River Road incorporate TFL Cool System® technology, which is based on a solar reflective technology where dark COOL leathers reflect sunlight in the same way as light colored leathers, greatly increasing your comfort level during warm weather rides. Here’s a whole lot more info from the company that developed the process. Of course coolness is a highly subjective thing, so I can’t give you any first hand information on this. I can report that the pants don’t look any different than other leathers. These are an overpant style, made to wear over your street clothes. Full length side zippers make them easy to put on and take off. Five pocket jean styling gives them a classic look. The side zippers stop several inches above the end of the pants, and there are a series of snaps to close the pants from there. Just like with chaps, this design allows you to trim the inseam to whatever length you need. The un-trimmed length is about 34 in the smaller sizes and 35 in the larger sizes. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see some good close-up pictures. Keep in mind that Joey (works in our warehouse) was wearing a pair that we did not trim, so they look a bit long (and wrinkled) on him.