REVIT Hercules WR Pants ::

REVIT Hercules WR Pants

  • Constructed of water resistant 600D polyester
  • Elastic at waistband with adjustment tabs
  • Easy-entry zippers on each leg with water catchers at the ankles
  • Height adjustable pockets for knee armor (sold separately)
  • Reflective trim on lower legs

More info: This document explains some of the features and materials listed above. (Not all REV’IT! products have all the features or materials listed. Use your back button after viewing.)

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and developed a size chart to help you choose your size (see below). We list a range of waist size because the pants have elastic panels in the waist. Also the waist has side adjusters so you can tighten up the waist size by a good margin.

To pick a size, I’d recommend you put a tape around yourself just below the navel to check for size. And since they’ll be worn over other street clothes, add about an inch to whatever figure you come up with, and then use the chart to choose a size.

When I picked a pair, I measured my own waist just below the navel at about 38” and in adding 1” for jeans and armor, the chart tells me to pick an XL, which has a max waist of 40”. In jeans I wear a 36”, so this is a good illustration of why to take an actual measurement when fitting motorcycle pants. Oftentimes jeans are “vanity sized” and also most men are bigger at their waist (just under their navel) than at their hips where most jeans ride.

I found the inseam of the pants to not vary much. In the smaller sizes, they were about 32” and in the mid-sizes, about 33” and then up to about 34” for the largest sizes.

The pants have adjustability of the armor height (independent of inseam length). Velcro allows you to set the armor in different spots and you can check how the armor feels on your knee when you are sitting on the bike and decide which position seems best. Neat!

Pant Size Our Waist Estimate
XS 28-32
Small 30-34
Medium 32-36
Large 34-38
XL 36-40
XXL 38-42
XXXL 40-44
XXXXL 42-46

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Hercules WR pant is a neat product IMHO. They are a VERY simple, lightweight textile overpant. And their simplicity is the thing I like about them. These pants would be great for a commuter. You could put these things on easily in just a couple beats and be on your way. And when you get where you are going, you can take them off in a flash. I state the “flash” part because the pants have a long side zipper on each side of the pants that goes completely from top to bottom, so even if you have on heavy boots, you’ll have no trouble using them without taking your boots/shoes off. The right side zipper is actually a two way zipper…. meaning it zips down from the top and up from the bottom, so on the right side you’ll move both zipper pulls to a mid-leg position. The pants have no snap/hook and zipper at the waist. You’ll be a bit more challenged in the little boy’s room, but actually NOT having the bulk of a waist closure and fly zipper in front is a good thing. Just having a textile panel in front cuts WAY down on the bulk of materials in that oh-so sensitive area and makes these pants more comfortable! Consider these pants to be “water resistant”. The material will shed water and there are storm flaps over the side zippers and also under, but the zips themselves are ordinary coil zippers so they won’t be completely waterproof. But water resistant will work just fine for most folks, and as such, the bulk of the pants is low and the price is very reasonable. Other neat features are the adjustable height armor pockets (armor is optional and sold separately) and the nice reflectives on the leg. Like I said, the beauty is in the simplicity. Take the “View Larger Images” link above and take a look at our photo gallery to see those features I mentioned. :: Paul, 10-21-13

Update: We found the D3O Knee armor to be a perfect fit for the Hercules WR pants. They are just the right size to allow you the full use of the height adjustable pockets. We have a link to that armor below. :: Aaron, 12/22/2016

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