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Power Trip Women's Black Diamond Leather Overpants

  • 1.2mm natural steer hide outer
  • Mesh liner
  • Full length side zippers
  • All metal zippers
  • Stretch material in waistband

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Sizing Information

Please consult the Power Trip Sizing Chart for sizing information. We find the chart and stated sizes to be accurate in this product. With the overpants style, the size is based upon the idea that the pants would be worn over jeans (like chaps). If you plan to wear the pants alone, then buy one size smaller than you otherwise would.

Our Two Cents

Like other Powertrip leathers, these pants are soft and comfortable. They are built like chaps so you can take them off and put them on over street clothes without having to find a place to change clothes-just raise the side zippers and step out of them. The overall cut is like jeans, but the pockets are zippered to keep your belongings secure. Laura (the person in the pictures-take the “View Larger Pictures” link above), commented that the length was generously long, but since the zipper on the side of the leg only goes down to mid-calf, you can easily trim the pants with shears if they are too long. Pants like this are a wonderful solution to provide safety and convenience in one package. Also you’ll appreciate the wind break characteristics that leather can provide. And of course they look good too!

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Sherry S.
Location: Ontario, Canada

Great leather pants! They fit easily over my jeans but because they're pants I can wear them alone too. Nice and heavy leather. They aren't finished at the bottom which is good because you can trim them to the right length (they're quite long).

From: Birgitta A. K.
Location: California

There is one person in the picture in head to toe New Enough! I absolutly love my Black Diamond Power Trip leather overpants. I wear them daily in my winter commute to work and never worry about how cool I'll look when with my friends for chilly ... (Read more...)