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PC Racing Helmet Mohawk

  • Works on any helmet
  • Attaches to helmet with peel and stick hook and loop material
  • Nine color options
  • Tested up to 200 mph

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

The helmet Mohawks are a great way to add some attitude to your helmet and set you apart in the pack. The Mohawks come in 9 different color options and use a hook and loop attachment. The hook and loop holds the Mohawk in at speeds up to 200 mph but I would recommend you only try that out on the track. The installation is pretty simple and straight forward. I found it easiest to attach the side of the hook and loop with the adhesive to the helmet first. Once that is in place then attach the Mohawk to the helmet. See our photos. Caution the adhesive is pretty strong and could damage the finish of the helmet. -Aaron 04/08/2014