Joe Rocket Velocity Shoes ::

Joe Rocket Velocity Shoes

  • Leather and ballistic nylon upper with injection molded plastic reinforcements
  • Road race inspired toe slider/protector
  • Designed to be just tall enough to shield the ankle bone
  • Elastic tension straps eliminate laces that can catch on foot pegs
  • Quick locking and fully adjustable ankle strap
  • Low profile sole designed to grip but not catch on steel foot pegs

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Sizing Information

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Our Two Cents

Let’s face it, it’s not always convenient to put on riding boots when you are heading out the door. Not to mention, you might get some looks walking into the office, a store, or your classroom wearing full on race boots! These shoes have the protective features you need for riding, but look and feel more like sneakers on your feet. There are way too many crash videos out there where the rider’s shoes come flying off (and subsequently, their feet are ground up by asphalt) – don’t let that happen to you! The Joe Rocket Velocity shoes feature an adjustable ankle strap, which should keep these puppies on your feet in the event of a crash. There are molded plastic armor plates to protect the ankle bone, as well as a toe slider for when you are really carving it up. Another problem with regular shoes is they can get caught on your bike. Last thing you need is your shoelace to catch on your peg, and next thing you know you are laying on your side at the stoplight (in front of a crowd of people, of course). That’s why these shoes use elastic tension straps instead – no loose laces! The soles are grippy, but smooth so that they don’t get hung up on anything either. If you need a casual looking shoe that will protect you while you ride, the Joe Rocket Velocity shoe is a great choice. Take a look at our custom pictures of these shoes to get a good idea of what they look like with a pair of jeans.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: David H.
Location: Georgia

The Joe Rocket Velocity shoes are great for warm weather riding or when you just want something a little more comfortable than boots. These SHOES don't offer the same protection as BOOTS but they are a lot better than tennis shoes (and just as co... (Read more...)

From: Travis E.
Location: Texas

The gear is great. the shoes fit nicely and reject the cold air in winter. My only problem is sometimes when buckling them they catches on the side causing them to loosen. (Read more...)