Joe Rocket Rocket Denim 3.0 Jeans ::

Joe Rocket Rocket Denim 3.0 Jeans

  • 14oz heavy duty denim
  • Reinforced with 3 layer seat and knee panels featuring abrasion resistant Aramid™ (Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant synthetic fibers, used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites)
  • Added cotton comfort layer
  • Stretch panels at knee and upper seat areas
  • Ride-friendly cut

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Sizing Information

We measured the waist band on the full size run of these jeans and found them to run about 1” smaller than the stated size. How do we measure? Well, to measure jeans, we lay them flat on a table with the waist button closed, smooth them flat and/or hold the waist band with light stretching pressure with your fingers to get a good reading of the full width. Measure across the waist band (inside to inside). Finally, double the measurement to get the size of the waist all the way around. In this pant, the size 38 jeans measure about 18.5” across. That means the pants measure out about 37”.

Consider also, that most regular jeans are “vanity sized” by about one inch (typically the more the jeans cost, the larger they are compared to the stated size). If you are choosing a size based upon what you wear in regular jeans such as Levis,etc, our advice would be to buy one size larger than you normally buy.

If I’ve confused you with this short lesson in measuring pants, you can always put a cloth tape around your waist where your jeans ride and you’ll know how big your waist is and can choose from that.

Inseam: The inseam on the pants was pretty consistent across the waist size ranges. The “regular” jeans measure 33.5” and the “Short” measure 31.5”.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Rocket Denim 3.0 jeans are made for street riders who aren’t interested in motorcycle specific pants or overpants, but want just a bit more protection than normal jeans provide (which unfortunately is nearly none). These pants have Aramid fabric reinforcement material in the seat and knees to back up the denim shell. From the outside they look like normal jeans, but if you turn the pants inside-out then you can see where the Aramid is installed. The areas you see are actually the cotton liner OVER the Aramid fabric because if the Aramid was exposed you’d have a bad case of diaper rash pretty fast because of the abrasive nature of the fabric. Just click the “View Larger Images” link above and you can see the shot we took of the pants inside out to see those panels. These jeans also have some stretch panels built into the back below the waist and above the knees. In a tuck position, these panels will add some comfort over the knee and help prevent unwanted breeziness in the rear (if you know what I mean). The overall fit of these jeans is “normal”.... like regular fit jeans with a bit wider than normal legs below the knees, so wearing them over boots shouldn’t be any problem. For some reason the factory pics make the legs look more skinny, but you can see our studio pics and judge for yourself. :: Paul, 07-29-12

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Russ R.
Location: California

The sizing and description was right on. I am 5-09, usually 34x30, got the 36-short... I'd say not to think of these as added protection compared to jeans, just better adapted for riding, plus can be work as regular jeans....

From: Jake E.
Location: Wisconsin

As it turned out, most of the gear in this order wasn't quite what I was looking for...but I did find exactly what I wanted on my next order. However, was great with handling my returns. Extra thanks to Aaron for great cus... (Read more...)