Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves ::

Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves

  • Drum dyed leather top
  • PittardsĀ® Ceramic infused leather Armor Tan palm
  • Injection molded, vented knuckle
  • TPR reinforcements on leading edge of knuckles
  • High density padding on fingers, cuff and wrist
  • Double cuff closure

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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major brands we carry, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The GPX 2.0 glove offers a lot of features for a glove under $100. Most sport and track riders prefer a flexible material for the palm area of the glove, but also they want something that is reasonably abrasion resistant. The two most common materials for the palm are kangaroo or Pittards leather. This glove offers the Pittards option. “Pittards” is the brand name of a special leather that is treated to offer abrasion resistance yet feels soft and thin (for good control feel). This glove also offers externally stitched fingers. If you look at the close-up pictures (take the “View Larger Pictures” link above), you see the edges of the leather in the fingers are sewn to the outside rather than inside. The overall look is not quite as tidy as an internally stitched glove, but the external stitching makes for a more comfortable glove, especially for motorcycles where there is a lot of grip pressure. This glove also offers the other usual features found in a race glove: gauntlet with armor, molded knuckle protection, positive wrist closure, etc. One other feature worth mentioning: this glove has “ram air” venting in the knuckle protector and a good portion of the back of the hand is perforated, so this glove should be comfortable in warmer weather.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Sourav B.
Location: Kolkata, India

Had to replace my ageing Agvsports full gauntlets, and what better way to do that than knock MCG's door again! Loved the Joe Rocket GPX 2.0. Although, I personally love the carbon fiber knuckle protectors on my earlier gloves, the overall quality ... (Read more...)

From: Dave G.
Location: Utah

Most comfortable gauntlet gloves I've ever tried on. This is my second pair. Love that the seams are on the outside!