Joe Rocket Armor for Jackets, Pants and Suits - GP ::

Joe Rocket Armor for Jackets, Pants and Suits - GP

Use in sport jackets, pants and suits that have pockets for the addition of armor.

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Sizing Information

This armor will fit armor pockets in most late model apparel. If you want to check the fit, I suggest you turn the jacket or pants inside out and measure the armor pockets when laid flat, then compare the pocket size to the measurements of the armor. This type armor cannot be trimmed so make sure the pockets are big enough.

Measurements (elbow or knee):
11” long
8 1/2” wide, upper part (measured over the top)
6” wide, lower part (measured over the top)

Measurements, shoulder:
9” long
8” wide, upper part (measured over the top)

Our Two Cents

This armor consists of molded plastic plates sewn to thin foam pieces that are shaped to fit each body part. The combination of plastic and foam will provide improved crash protection; the plastic plates will spread an impact out over a larger area, and the foam serves to cushion the impact. This type armor is still offered in some new gear, but most manufacturers are now offering the molded rubber type armor with CE approval. This armor is being offered as replacements armor for garments that originally came with it since the shape/size of the armor pocket for this armor would be too big for the smaller/newer style armor.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Sam W.
Location: Florence, Alabama

Got all the stuff, quick and easy. Staff's explanation for the order changes were great. Thanks, Laura. The neat thing about this was how quick I got it. This is my 2nd time to order from New Enough, and it sure won't be the last. Thamks, Sam