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Icon Victory Pants

  • Durable denim chassis
  • Abrasion resistant Aramid reinforced knees and hips
  • Breathable ribbed expansion panels
  • Icon loose fit pattern

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Sizing Information

The waist on these pants seems to run true with the stated size. We have listed Icon’s inseam estimate as well. We found the inseam to be about one inch longer than this, but it’s hard to measure with the stretch panel in the crotch, so we think they are reasonably accurate.

Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
28 28 32
30 30 32
32 32 33
34 34 33
36 36 33
38 38 34
40 40 34
42 42 34
44 44 34

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Our Two Cents

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these pants. I really like the cut on these pants, they are comfortable and have a natural fit to them. The idea is to give you the feel and comfort of a nice pair of everyday jeans, but with some features appropriate for riding. The knees and crotch of the pants have a stretchable material that helps make them a little more comfortable in the riding position as well as make it a little easier to swing your leg over the bike when getting on and off. The knees and hips have a layer of reinforcement for added abrasion protection in the event of a fall. The pants have somewhat of a relaxed fit, so if you wish to wear some strap-on knee protectors underneath you would be able to do so comfortably (check related products below for some suggestions). Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above to see some good closeups of these pants.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Johnnie K.
Location: New Jersey

This is the first pair of "riding pants" I've ever owned, and I'm very happy with the way they feel and fit. The elastic joints make for extra comfort while on the bike, and look fine when off and walking around. Very well constructed and feel lik... (Read more...)

From: John T K.
Location: New Jersey

The Scorpion Everclear shield is AWESOME, from the outside the mirror finish looks great and from inside, my visibility is perfect. It's been colder the last few weeks and I get minimal fog on the shield, and bugs and dirt wipe off easy. Ordering ... (Read more...)

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