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Icon Overlord Pants

  • Icon loose overpant fit pattern
  • Removable CE knee impact protectors
  • Durable nylon chassis
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Breathable panels for venting
  • Ribbed flex panels on knees
  • Zippered side pockets for secure storage
  • Ratchet waist closure

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Sizing Information

These pants are made to be worn over street clothing although I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t be worn over just underwear too. Most overpants have long side zippers which allow you to step into (or out of) the overpants using those zippers sort of like chaps. These pants don’t have the long side zipper but they are baggy enough to facilitate the same thing (maybe not with boots on though). Anyway, the pant’s waist has an adjuster in front and also on the sides. The total adjustment of the pants is about 2” smaller to 2” larger than the stated size. If you choose the waist size you normally wear in jeans, you should be able to use the pants over armored underwear or street clothes. Inseams vary from about 32” in the smaller sizes and increase proportionately to 34” in the biggest sizes.

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Our Two Cents

The Overlord Textile Overpants from Icon are perfect for the commuter; easy to get on over your street clothes and with the protection features you’re looking for in riding gear. Take a look at our close-up pictures by taking the “View Larger Pictures” link above. And also have a look at my comments about the sizing above. All that will give you the idea that these pants are pretty darn versatile. I can see them being worn over clothes for commuters. I can also see somebody wearing the pants over armor shorts and/or knee armor (the kind that straps on your legs). Or you could just wear the pants as…. er pants…. just over underwear. You’ll have to just give them a try under different conditions and see what works. My only concern would be about the effectiveness of the knee armor. Overpants by nature are sort of a baggy design and with the knee armor affixed to the pants themselves, there really isn’t a way that the armor can be held against your knee effectively in a fall. It sure can’t hurt that it is there, but it will be a crap shoot as to whether it actually winds up between your knee and the pavement when you go down. As mentioned above, those who are really concerned about the knee armor issue should consider some armor that straps to your leg (see some suggestions below). You can also visit our Armor/Worn on the Body department to look at all the options (doesn’t HAVE to be Icon). Overall though, a very nice pant for all sorts of uses.

Note about hip armor: Early info from Icon had stated that hip protectors were included but that was apparently an error.

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