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HJC Cheek Pads for FS-15 Helmets

  • Riders will sometimes need to change the cheek pads that come installed in their helmets. Some people need a little more or less space, while others simply need to install a fresh set of pads for better comfort (and smell)
  • The pads both come out and can be installed quite easily
  • Use the chart below to figure out what size cheek pad you currently have based on your helmet size, and then pick a replacement set based on your need

Here is a link to HJC’s website where you can download helmet manuals by model. You’ll find information on installing and removing shields, base plates, cheek pads, chin curtains, etc, as well as helmet care and cleaning.

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Sizing Information

Use the table below to determine what size cheek pads came standard with your helmet:

Helmet Size Cheek Pad Size Shell Size
XS 40mm Medium
Small 35mm Medium
Medium 30mm Medium
Large 32mm XXL
XL 27mm XXL
XXL 17mm XXL

You can buy the same thickness of cheek pad if you like the fit of your helmet and just need a replacement set. Or you can buy a different thickness cheek pad to adjust fit as long as you buy a pad to fit the same shell size. The cheek pads for the XS, Small and Medium helmets are interchangeable since those three sizes share the medium helmet shell size. Likewise, the cheek pads for the Large, XL and XXL helmets are interchangeable since they all share the XXL shell size.

Changing cheek pads to change the helmet fit: To get MORE room in your helmet, you need to buy a THINNER cheek pad. To get a TIGHTER fit, you need to buy a THICKER cheek pad. Example: If you have a size Large FS-15 helmet, you have cheek pads that are 32mm thick. If the helmet is too tight on you, a 27mm pad would give you more room.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

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Location: Pennsylvania

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From: Kawikaze
Location: California

I bought a large cheek pad instead of a xxL to make my medium size shell feel like an xtra large helmet. I just verified that all the cheek pads (doesnt matter what size) fits the medium or the extra large shell size. It means they are interchangeable if you have both medium and extra large shell size hjc fs-15 helmet. (Read more...)