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Held Steve II Gloves

  • Highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather palm
  • Pittards® specially-treated WR 100 leather back
  • Colorfast and sweat-proof outer-shell
  • Pre-formed, crumple-free palm
  • Special step seam avoids pressure points on inner hand and enhanced feel
  • Velcro adjustment at wrists and cuffs
  • Visor wiper
  • Elasticized leather areas on back, thumb and fingers
  • Back and thumb fully padded with shock-absorbing Suprotect® special foam
  • Rivet patch at ball of the thumb, underlaid with Kevlar® and Nomex® for heat protection

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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in glove sizes rather than the normal “alpha” sizes you are used to in the US. But fear not, we offer a comprehensive guide to choosing a Held glove size for you:

Held Glove Sizing

And here is some information about the long term care of Held gloves:

Held Glove Care

The new Steve II is offered in both long and short finger versions so those of you with hard to fit hands have a chance to own these fantastic gloves in a size that fits. We hesitate to get too scientific with the finger measurements since with gloves, even a small measured difference in size makes a big fit difference so quantifying it by measurements is hard, but just to give you the idea, we measured length of the middle finger of a size 10/short, 10/regular and 10/long. The short is about 3/8” shorter than the regular and likewise the long is about 3/8” longer than the regular.

Our Two Cents

Enjoy this closeout sale on the Held Steve II Glove. The Steve has been changed slightly for 2012 so these gloves are on sale! You’ll find this deal only at MotorcycleGear.com! Our previous product comments: Held has taken everything we loved about the original Steve gloves and made them available in a long and short finger version. If you have been searching for gloves that fit “like a glove” and are extremely comfortable, look no further. The Steve II gloves use the finest quality leathers available. The back of the glove is made of Pittards WR-100 leather which is both very soft and comfortable and also water resistant. The back of the hand including the fingers and knuckles are padded with a memory type foam for impact protection and comfort. Kangaroo leather is used in the palm which is highly abrasion resistant while also extremely soft, and a rather unique feature is found at the base of the palm: a reinforced Kevlar/leather panel with rivets to promote sliding rather than catching on pavement. On the left index finger is a visor wiper, a very handy feature if you get caught in misty or rainy conditions. The Steve II gloves ooze luxurious quality, be sure to take a look at our studio photographs of these gloves by clicking the “View Larger Images” link above.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Steve W.
Location: California

Just received the new Held Steve II gloves. Love em... Gonna get new held summer gloves when I save some more money or I win at the casino. (Read more...)