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Held Profi Gloves

Moved to the Bargain Basement because… we are down to the last few size/color selections.

  • Traditional racing glove
  • Abrasion resistant, colorfast and sweat resistant kangaroo hide construction
  • Unlined kangaroo palm w/ Suprotect & Kevlar padding
  • Special “step seam” construction on fingers for maximum feel and control
  • Non-creasing pre-curved palm
  • DuPont Kevlar fiber reinforced safety rivets
  • Suprotect outer hand edge protection
More Info: this document from Held explains some of the features listed above.
(not all Held models have all the features listed; use your back button after viewing)

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in sizes that correspond to your hand measurement. Or, by using the chart below, you can choose a size based upon the size you normally wear in other gloves (most other gloves are sold in “alpha” sizes):

Held Glove Size Equivalent Alpha Size Actual Hand Measurement
7 Small 6.5” to 7”
8 Medium 7€.5 to 8€
8.5 Medium 8€ to 8.5€
9 Large 8.5€ to 9€
9.5 Large 9€ to 9.5€
10 XL 9.5€ to 10€
11 XXL 10€ to 11€

Our Two Cents

Last summer, Held changed US distributors and recently the ex-distributor contacted us because they found a large group of the Held Profi gloves in their inventory. We did a closeout on this glove in ‘06 with great success and this closeout is even a better deal at this price. When this inventory is gone, there will be no more. Please use the drop down menu above to view current inventory. My comments from the ‘06 season: The Profi offers key features to protect the hands in the case of a fall, but for a bit less money than the other premium Held models. You still get the kangaroo palm which is highly regarded by racers for its “feel” for the controls. But even though the hide is soft and pliable, it’s durable and has a good resistance to damage by moisture from the hands. These gloves have a bit lower cost due to the type of armor on the back of the fingers and knuckles. Unlike the molded high-end materials used in the higher priced models, these gloves have a combination of foam and Kevlar fabric for protection. For those who do sport/street riding and occasional racing, I think this model makes a very sensible choice.

Note about pictures: At some point during this product’s life, Held did a “running change” on how the Held logo is applied to the gloves. In the “factory” pictures of the black glove you can see the Held logo on the finger is embroidered, but on the pictures of the Red and Blue gloves we took in our office (and also the picture we took of the black gloves some time last year), the logo is stenciled. We checked our inventory and found that all the black gloves are embroidered, but the blue and red gloves are mixed. Which is better? I don’t think it makes a hill of beans difference. The stitched logo will get dirty and may snag with use, but the stenciled logo is likely to fade or rub off with use. Why even mention it? Because somebody has already asked why!

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Matt P.
Location: N. California

5 years strong baby! Originally purchased in 2007. These gloves have seen 5 hard years of rain, cold, heat, sun, roadside repair, 2 up and many different bikes. (Read more...)