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Held Freezer Gloves

  • Soft aniline cowhide
  • Water-repellent
  • Primaloft® lining (65% polyolefin, 35% polyester)
  • Gore-Tex® membrane is waterproof, windproof and breathable (100% polyester with 100% polyurethane coating)
  • Velcro adjustment at wrists and cuffs
  • Visor wiper
  • Ball of the thumb protected by Schoeller® Keprotec
More Info: this document explains some of the features listed above.
(not all Held models have all the features listed; use your back button after viewing)

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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in glove sizes rather than the normal “alpha” sizes you are used to in the US. But fear not, we offer a comprehensive guide to choosing a Held glove size for you:

Held Glove Sizing

And here is some information about the long term care of Held gloves:

Held Glove Care

Our Two Cents

About this sale and warranty: Held gloves (and other apparel products) are made by Held GmbH in Germany and have been distributed in the US for the last 10 years or so by Held USA, which is a small “mom and pop” out of North Carolina. In mid-December, Held USA announced they were quitting business. And at that time, we bought their remaining inventory of Held gloves in the US as a closeout/liquidation. Other retailers may also have some gloves in their stock as well but there has not yet been a new distributor established and therefore no more stock is currently available. We are hoping for the announcement of a new US distributor because we think they are a fine product line, our customers enjoy them and we experience very few warranty issues. And speaking of warranty, since there is currently no US distributor to inspect and repair/replace gloves as a result of a warranty claim, there is no way for consumers to exercise a warranty claim. We will of course still accept returns of new/unused gloves within 30 days of your order (just like any other product), but we will not offer any warranty whatsoever on any glove that has been used or not returned during that time frame. We are hopeful a new distributor will be announced and they will provide normal warranty coverage, but right now, we can’t tell you when or if that will happen.

About this product: Held Freezer gloves are made with high end materials and are ideal for cold weather… about the best you’ll do without electrics. These babies feel like pulling Cadillacs on your hands! The insides are lined with soft, plush fabric and the insulation used is a premium type called Primaloft (see below). And the exterior cowhide is soft and looks and feels like quality. The leather is a “medium” thickness which will give good “feel” for the controls, but is thick enough to provide some abrasion protection in case of a fall. These gloves are waterproof too. The material used is Gore-Tex and most people who have bought sporting products that use Gore-Tex really believe in its ability to keep out the moisture but allow your body perspiration to escape to prevent the “clamminess” that can occur with lesser performing products. For fit, the gloves have ample adjustment in the gauntlets to fit your jacket sleeve and they include a visor wiper on the left forefinger. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see some good close-up pictures of this model. To get the quality of materials and the well-known workmanship of Held for under $130 is a heck of a deal! :: Paul., 12-12-13

Special Materials in This Glove:

Primaloft® uses unique fibers and technologies to create high-performance synthetic insulation that is light-weight, effective, water-resistant, and durable. It is made to insulate effectively without awkward bulk and its quick-drying hydrophobic fibers work even when wet. Held uses Primaloft® in some of their winter gloves.

Gore-Tex®: The original and best waterproof, windproof and breathable climate membrane. The pores in this wonder material are 20,000 times smaller than a water molecule, yet 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule, so rain can’t get in but sweat can get out. Many Sidi and TCX boots feature a Gore-Tex membrane, we also see it in Alpinestars and Held gloves.

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From: shaun p.
Location: Japan

AHHH ... the day before I got home with frozen hands .. unable to remove my helmet ... (Read more...)