Held Evo Thrux Gloves (One Left: Black/White Size 10)

  • Highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather palm
  • Supple cowhide back
  • Colorfast & sweat-proof
  • Unlined
  • Special flat seam construction
  • Tunnel strap wrist lock
  • Velcro adjustment at wrists & cuffs
  • Elasticated leather panels on upper back of hand, thumb & fingers
  • Visor wipe
  • Hard plastic knuckle protection
  • Kevlar® protection on back of hand
  • Side of hand covered with hard plastic and reinforced with SuperFabric®
  • SuperFabric® reinforcement on palm and knuckles
More Info: this document explains some of the features listed above.
(not all Held models have all the features listed; use your back button after viewing)

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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in glove sizes rather than the normal “alpha” sizes you are used to in the US. But fear not, we offer a comprehensive guide to choosing a Held glove size for you:

Held Glove Sizing

And here is some information about the long term care of Held gloves:

Held Glove Care

Our Two Cents

About this sale and warranty: Held gloves (and other apparel products) are made by Held GmbH in Germany and have been distributed in the US for the last 10 years or so by Held USA, which is a small “mom and pop” out of North Carolina. In mid-December, Held USA announced they were quitting business. And at that time, we bought their remaining inventory of Held gloves in the US as a closeout/liquidation. Other retailers may also have some gloves in their stock as well but there has not yet been a new distributor established and therefore no more stock is currently available. We are hoping for the announcement of a new US distributor because we think they are a fine product line, our customers enjoy them and we experience very few warranty issues. And speaking of warranty, since there is currently no US distributor to inspect and repair/replace gloves as a result of a warranty claim, there is no way for consumers to exercise a warranty claim. We will of course still accept returns of new/unused gloves within 30 days of your order (just like any other product), but we will not offer any warranty whatsoever on any glove that has been used or not returned during that time frame. We are hopeful a new distributor will be announced and they will provide normal warranty coverage, but right now, we can’t tell you when or if that will happen.

About this product: Our best selling glove with Held has always been the Steve gloves, and I personally have used that glove and I love it. BUT, I’ll admit it is a little sedate for a lot of sport riders. So now, I’m seeing a lot of the same value and use of high quality materials that you see with the Steve in this new Evo Thrux Glove. Value? I say yes… there is no question that Held makes some of the finest gloves available. The materials are top notch and they just ooze “expensive”. Examples: the kangaroo palms and the use of the new SuperFabric® material in the heel of the hand and the side of the wrist. I just love the way the kangaroo material feels when you slide these puppies on. And they just get better from there. The sport oriented features of this glove include the molded knuckle protector and back-of-finger protectors. But then for everyday usability, the gloves have an integrated rubber shield wiper too. This glove has a wrist closure strap that can anchor in a “normal” fashion, or it can be tucked under the gauntlet closure strap so that both the gauntlet and wrist can be ripped open at the same. A tiny time saver, but heck, saving a few seconds over the life of a glove might save you time enough for an extra beer somewhere, right? (but not while riding!). We’ve got some good close-up photos of all these features you can see by taking the “View Larger Images” link above. I give this one the thumbs up! (no pun intended). :: Paul, 04-23-12

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