Fieldsheer Shadow Jacket ::

Fieldsheer Shadow Jacket

  • Highly abrasion resistant 500 denier Maxtena-Pro outer shell with 1680 denier ballistic at the high impact areas
  • Removable CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back
  • SP Memory Foam in the high impact areas
  • Unique FS Matrix two-stage waterproof and breathable liner with Nanomax and Rainguard barrier technology plus an insulated liner to suit the rider’s needs
  • Micro fleece padded Mandarin collar
  • Elasticized stretch panels at elbows
  • Stretch Carboflex action back panels for increased flexibility
  • Four-step adjustable upper and lower sleeve volume control
  • Ram Air direct ventilation system, zero membrane ventilation interference
  • Adjustable Velcro waist strap with elasticized panels at the hips for added comfort
  • Reflective Phoslite piping for increased nighttime visibility
  • Gusseted Velcro adjustable wrist cuffs
  • Pockets included: two zipped hand warmer, two chest, one zipped map, one inside Velcro, and one mobile phone pocket
  • 8” waist zipper and universal snap belt connector to attach to pants

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Sizing Information

We put a size Medium on Huey and a size XL on Dewey for our Fit Check review and those are the sizes they normally wear. The jackets seemed to fit well and measured out like any other typical Medium or XL. In checking Fieldsheer’s size chart for 2014 (see below), you’ll see that the chest sizes listed for each alpha size are a couple inches smaller than you would expect to see (at least in the smaller size ranges). We noted on other new jackets for 2014 the jackets seemed to fit sort of small (like the chart would suggest), but this one isn’t running small.

My advice then would be to choose the size you normally wear in Men’s clothing. If you want to measure, then add 2” to the Max Chest sizes listed in the chart below for sizes Small thru XL, and that will be my estimate of max chest for each size. For example, a size Medium would be about a 42” max.

If you have a bit of a belly, you’ll want to make sure you won’t have a fit issue. To check, just measure and make sure the chest size of the jacket you choose is at least 4” bigger than your max belly. For example, if your belly is 40”, then choose a minimum size Large which has a max chest of about 44” (like I said, 2” bigger than the chart says for Small thru XL).

Jacket Size Max Chest Regular Sleeve Length Tall Sleeve Length
Small 38” 25.5” -
Medium 40” 26” 28”
Large 42” 26.5” 28.5”
XL 44” 27” 29”
XXL 48” 27.5” 29.5”
XXXL 51” 27.5” 29.5”
XXXXL 54” 28” 30”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

About Fieldsheer for 2014: The Fieldsheer line for 2014 is all new. The line has been dormant (as far as the introduction of new products goes) for 3 or more years, and all that is left from its previous “life” are a few scattered closeout groups. Since the economic crash of about five years ago, US based MC apparel makers have been cautious about new introductions of product and those that have come out tend to be reduced in features, material expense and price. European makers (such as Alpinestars and REV’IT! have held the line on quality and consequently their pricing is higher also. Fieldsheer, for 2014, is positioning themselves above the quality/price of most US based makers and putting themselves several notches above where they were… up with the pricing and quality of the European brands. As of this writing, I’ve reviewed all the new jackets and I’m pleasantly surprised. And while I don’t think this line will have quite the “fit and finish” of the slightly higher priced European makers, they are definitely a step or two above where they were and above their US based competitors. The feature lists and looks are excellent… the fit/finish and materials are very good. As I find over and over in this biz… if consumers compare MSRP of competing products, they’ll be looking at a pretty close indication of overall value (of course closeout items offer better “value”, but we are speaking of how MSRP is an indication of overall features, build quality and materials). Anyway, kudos for the owners of the Fieldsheer line for their confidence in upping their game and having confidence in the sport. :: Paul, 02-25-14

About this jacket: This new Shadow jacket adds a few more “high tech” styling features than the very similar Sugo jacket. Like the Sugo, this jacket is a short waist/sport style that nearly any type street rider will enjoy. A shorter style like this works better for those in a sport riding position (less bulk when you are in a forward-leaning riding position close to a tank). We’ve taken a whole series of photos for you to show all the features such as the storage, armor, etc, so be sure and click the “View Larger Images” link above to see those. When you look at the close-up pics you’ll be able to see some of the unusual styling features, such as the quilting pattern on the sides of the torso, the raised armor pieces on the arms and the molded shoulder logo. Those raised areas on the shoulders and arms aren’t just for show though… they have memory foam to add an extra layer of protection from impact. Many lesser priced jackets have typical single density material to form these shapes, but the inclusion of something a little extra is a nice touch. The climate control aspect of this jacket deserves some discussion. Many “waterproof” jackets are built with a permanent “mid-liner” which is a waterproof barrier between the jacket’s outer shell and the nylon liner on the inside (and in some cases the waterproof liner IS the inside lining). That liner arrangement is very good at keeping water out, but just by design limits the comfort of the jacket in hot weather because air passing through vents doesn’t reach the rider’s skin… the venting occurs only between the outer shell and inner lining of the jacket. But this design departs from most others in this segment because it combines a water-resistant shell with a removable Nanomax waterproof liner. That means that when you use the various vents (and there are two in front and four in back (see the pics), you’ll get a LOT more cooling air reaching through the inside mesh liner to your skin. The waterproof liner is made to work with the removable thermal liner so that you can “mix and match” to suit the conditions. You can use one, or the other, or both. If you’re interested, here’s a brief video that gives you some info about Nanomax. You’ll quickly figure out which one (or none) to include for your rides and you’ll be able to stay comfortable in a very wide range of temps. The armor supplied for the shoulders and elbows is about like all other quality of armor you’ll find, and the back armor they supply is well above others in terms of overall sturdiness (just my humble opinion… not based on testing). The Shadow is offered in some interesting color choices. They all look “new and different” than lots of styles from the past. And the styling cues, like the quilting around the lower torso and the raised padding on the elbows and shoulders are nice too. Overall, I personally like this jacket style the best of all the new ‘14 Fieldsheer introductions (just IMHO of course) :: Paul, 02-25-14

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