Black Brand Carry On Leather Jacket ::

Black Brand Carry On Leather Jacket (MD or XL Only)

  • Concealed carry pocket
  • Removable quilted liner
  • Built-in carry straps
  • Armor pockets
  • YKK® zippers
  • Six-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Sizing Information

We measured the size run in this style jacket, and found the chest and waist sizes to match up to the size chart provided by Black Brand (see below). Most people will be able to choose the size they normally wear in men’s clothing, but I’d recommend you throw a tape around yourself and check your chest and belly and make sure that the size you choose will be big enough for both.

The overall height of the jackets is normal and the overall cut is normal to relaxed. Most people shouldn’t have trouble finding a good fit.

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
Medium 40” 36”
Large 44” 40”
XL 48” 44”
XXL 52” 48”
XXXL 56” 52”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Carry On jacket by Black brand offers something I’ve not ever seen before… and after 20 years of selling gear, that’s saying something!

First of all, I’ll say that this is a sharp looking jacket. The leather here is a ligher “dusky” grey color and the finish is somewhat distressed looking (factory photos make it look darker than it is). There are some very nice styling details. I like the use of the same colored perforated leather to trim out behind the sleeve end zips and on the inside waist trim. There are also nice matching leather zipper pulls with little Black Brand snaps with a skull graphic. Its definitely trimmed out better than an average leather jacket.

Drum roll please! The special feature with the carry on, is that it rolls up into a roll for storage on your bike or for travel. We’ve got a set of photos in our gallery that shows how this works. There are integral straps worked into the back of the jacket so they look like a styling queue and tuck away when not in use, but when deployed will hold your jacket in a tight roll which you can strap to your bike. Pretty neat! And a good conversation piece.

This jacket has a couple zip vents on the front and one in back so it will move “some” air, but I don’t think this jacket will be comfortable in hot weather. But it will shine in colder weather. The removable thermal liner is thicker than average and is full sleeve, and with the leather shell, I think it would do well in cold weather. So lets say this one will work in cold to warm weather.

This jacket doesn’t come with armor, but you can add D3O in the pockets that are built into the shoulders, elbows and back. I’d suggest the CD level 1 armor for this jacket. I think the thicker stuff would make the arms and shoulders too tight for most people.

I checked the built in gun pocket and it is very well built the lining of the pocket is very sturdy material that should work well. This jacket is a really nice style with a completely unique feature that will solve a problem for some people. If that is you, you’ve found your perfect jacket! :: Paul, 04-10-18

Black Brand says: Imagine getting to your destination and just strapping your jacket to your bike instead of carrying it around or wearing on a hot day. With the Carry-On jacket you just fold the sleeves over the body of the jacket, roll it up and strap it down with the built in straps. When it is time to ride, undo the buckles, tuck in the straps and ride away.

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