Alpinestars SMX-6 Boots - 2014 ::

Alpinestars SMX-6 Boots

  • Durable hi-tech microfiber upper construction offering superb levels of flexibility
  • Ergonomic new last for forefoot streamlining and superior fit and comfort
  • Innovative TPU lateral ankle brace protection provides biomechanical support between lateral top calf/shin and ankle and offers improved structural integrity, protection against impact shocks, repeated abrasion resistance and flex support
  • Alpinestars’ new and exclusive compound rubber sole promotes improved feel and grip, water dispersion and durability
  • Air vents on the heel counter and shin plate plus breathable mesh inserts (vented versions only) improve comfort and reduce fatigue on short and long rides
  • High modulus TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad and lateral ankle brace for improved shock protection and durability
  • Double density ankle protector on medial side layered under the upper offers protective performance in key area
  • Integrated, replaceable bi-injected TPU slider features new easy screw fixing concept for quicker and easier replacement.
  • Innovative instep and Achilles accordion flex zone construction for superior comfort, control and support
  • Internal insole with the shank reinforcement integrated for added support to the arch area
  • Medial side entry opening/closure system features elastic-mounted zipper with wide Velcro® closure; Velcro tab locks the zip pull closed, keeping it flat and secure
  • Wide opening aperture for ease of access
  • Internal toe box protection is layered under the upper
  • Breathable textile interior lining features anti-sliding suede reinforcement on heel area
  • New dual compound removable anatomic footbed includes EVA and Lycra for performance, comfort and support
  • The SMX-6 boot is CE certified

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Sizing Information

You can use the chart below to choose a boot and we think the chart is representative of the US shoe conversion. If you’ve determined your size in past Alpinestars sport boots, you’d be safe in choosing the same size as this brand runs pretty consistent from one model to the next (sometimes street and waterproof boots are not consistent however). I’d consider the width of the men’s sizes to be normal to slightly wide (D or E). I’ve always found this style boot easy to fit because the foot has a nice wide toe which is comfortable. Calf size is somewhat adjustable with the closure Velcro.

Euro Men’s US Women’s US
36 3.5 5
37 4 6
38 5 7
39 6 8
40 6.5 8.5
41 7.5 9
42 8 10
43 9 11
44 9.5 11.5
45 10.5 -
46 11.5 -
47 12 -
48 12.5 -
49 13.5 -
50 14.5 -

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Our Two Cents

I’ve always thought a boot with sliders should have features that could cover sport riders but at least those who do some amateur racing. The predecessor to this boot was the S-MX 5 and while it did look like a race boot, it tended more toward a sport street style. This new boot offers some features that are closer to a full-on race boot. But what I like about this one is the styling and also the ease of use. More complex boots are sometimes more trouble… they have various adjustments, laces, etc that make them “less easy” to use. I realize that a true race rider won’t care about time and convenience, but MOST of us don’t race and will probably want a boot that is practical for everyday sport riding. You want something that has a LOT of protection, but you also want something you’ll enjoy using. The styling of this boot is better I think. It has a more attractive shape and doesn’t have any extra material or bulges.. it really wraps the foot and ankle well and feels great right out of the box. I’m wearing one of the “vented” styles as I’m typing and I really like the looks of the perforated upper. And just from an educated “lip lock” test, I can tell the material will flow a lot of air through the boot. The protection, as I mentioned above, adds more for racing. If you take the “View Larger Images” link above you’ll see the large protector on the outside of the boot which is hinged with the larger shin protector and the heel cup to form a “hinge” to help reduce injuries from flexing your ankle in ways that it wasn’t meant to flex. You’ll see a lot of talk about flex systems like this with all the race boot brands and I’m pleased to see this system on a boot at a sub-$300 price. And of course there are the “usual” protection features such as the reinforced toe box, armor around the heel and shin and toe sliders as well. Alpinestars boots have a tapered heel shape that promotes sliding in a crash. More squared off heels will potentially grab pavement or objects and increase the likelihood of wrenching the foot in odd ways. I’d certainly be pleased to use and own a pair of these boots and I bet you would too. :: Paul, 09-11-13
About CE Ratings for Boots: CE ratings on boots are a relatively new thing, so I asked our Alpinestars rep to give me some information about the CE certification and what it means to a boot buyer. Here is his best shot at a concise answer: The biggest piece of info for a CE rated boot is based around how well that boot can disperse energy from the vehicle while riding or an impact. Standard features in footwear to meet CE certification requires a structural shank in the foot bed to break down energy transferring up from the foot pegs or an impact to the bottom of the foot in a get off. It also requires the boot to have structure in the heel and toe of the boot, at minimum you need to have a hard supportive counter in the heel that can again help break down energy being pushed up through the foot bed. Though not required most Alpinestars boots contain a hard counter in the toe as well; this is more designed for wear from shifting and impact to the front/side of the foot during an accident. The last major feature required is impact protection on the ankle and every boot/riding shoe in the Alpinestars line features some sort of hard impact protection on the medial and lateral sides of the ankle. Overall in simple terms a CE rating in a piece of footwear works as a minimum standard to decrease the chance of catastrophic damage to the heel/arch/ankle in an accident. My thanks to JP in Dealer Development at Alpinestars. :: Paul, 09-05-14

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Location: Georgia

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From: Ken W.
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I had waited with great anticipation the new release of the Cortech Impulse Air RR boots as I happily own many Cortech products. Alas, as Paul discovered himself, the sizes are not running true on these new boots. Also some quality control issues. (Read more...)

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