Alpinestars Motegi Two Piece Suit - 2015 ::

Alpinestars Motegi Two Piece Suit - (Euro Sizes 54 and 58 only)

  • Constructed with premium 1.3mm full-grain bovine leather for high levels of abrasion resistance, comfort and durability
  • Multiple-stitched main seam construction provides maximum tear resistance in the event of an impact and offers improved durability
  • Extended stretch panels on the sides of the torso, arms, crotch and legs
  • Accordion leather stretch inserts on knees and elbows for excellent fit and reduced stress on body while in riding position
  • Removable, CE certified protectors on elbows, shoulders and knees feature injection molded shells and dual density foam padding for exceptional protection against impact forces
  • External TPU shoulder sliders offer additional abrasion resistance in a key impact area
  • Integrated PE foam padding on the chest, hips, coccyx, upper arms and sides of the torso further enhance fit and comfort while riding
  • Snap connection system allows integration with Alpinestars CE level 2 certified Bionic Race and Nucleon Back Protectors for the ultimate in protection
  • Replaceable Alpinestars PU Sport knee sliders can be positioned according to riding style
  • Full circumference zipper to safely and securely attach jacket and pant together
  • Removable mesh liner features built-in stretch inserts to ensure a snug fit and is washable for extra convenience
  • Premium YKK fasteners used throughout the garment including flat profile YKK semi auto lock wrist zippers
  • Ventilated back hump is aerodynamically sculpted for superior air flow and performance at high speeds
  • Neoprene collar for comfort while arm and leg cuffs feature soft poly-fabric
  • Velcro and D-ring waist adjustment helps keep jacket close to the body and promotes a personalized fit
  • Lightweight, contoured mesh calf panels enhance fit and ensure comfort with riding boots
  • Reflective detailing on arms and legs improve visibility of rider in poor light conditions

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Sizing Information

The fit of Alpinestars suits from one model to the next are very consistent and this one proves to be no different. We tried these suits on in our shop and found the sizing to be consistent with their sizing chart. We’ve put together the table below to help you choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements.

The suits are offered in European sizes, so you can select the size using Alpinestars sizing chart using your chest and waist measurements. If you have a bit of a belly, please also measure and compare to the following table. Make sure you are selecting a suit size that will accommodate your chest, belly and waist (from the Alpinestars chart).

Euro Size Max Chest Size
Max Belly Size
48 38 32
50 40 34
52 42 36
54 44 38
56 46 40
58 48 42
60 50 44
62 52 46
64 54 48

About height: One thing about fitting suits is that not only does the jacket and pant fitment come into play, but also height comes into play. Of course the suits are built for an “average” height rider, but generally speaking, two piece suits will fit a taller person than the equivalent one piece suit. So if you are shorter in stature you’ll get a better fit out of a one piece suit, but if you are tall for your size/weight then consider a two piece suit. I’m not exactly sure how this generalization came to be, but I’d guess it has a lot to do with intended use. Professional racers are generally smaller in stature and the one piece suit designs are derivatives of custom suits made for racers. Two piece suits can be used on the track of course, but many are used for sport touring riders and they have to be able to accommodate a larger cross section of body types.

The “ideal” height in the Alpinestar’s chart would be for a two piece suit in my opinion and the ideal height for a one piece will be one to two inches shorter. Of course nobody is going to be exactly the ideal height, but you should be in the ballpark of the recommended range for a decent fit. If you need help, just give us a shout.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

We really like the Motegi race suits. In my opinion, they are affordably priced and can be used for both track and street. I’ll discuss both the one and two piece styles since they are both so similar.

Generally speaking, the one piece suit is preferred for racing and perhaps street sport riding. This style, being an “all purpose” cut, isn’t as severely pre-curved as a lot of race-dedicated suits and even the one piece will be usable for street/sport riding without undue discomfort. The two piece suit of course separates at the waist which means you’ll be able to use the jacket without the pants. This is ideal for people who do street riding and may want the protection of the pants for sport street or for track use. I’m no racer, but people tell me that two piece suits are acceptable for most amateur track events, but wouldn’t be what you’d see a pro wearing. Besides these functional reasons, your height may also be a consideration (see my comments above about fit).

One other smaller distinction about the suits is the optional back protection. Alpinestars has an all-new line of optional protectors for the back, hips and chest this year. It is really a slick line. Both suits accept the hip and chest protectors just the same. However the two piece has a pocket to hold a back protector just like the jackets and the one piece does not. For the one piece, you would buy the slightly longer Nucleon KR-R back protector which has a waist belt and also snaps into the suit near the collar. Since the two piece suit uses the Nucleon back protector that installs in the pocket, it is super convenient to use when using the jacket alone. If you wanted to use the KR-R back protector with the two piece suit, you certainly could, but it wouldn’t be quite as convenient.

As for the suits themselves, you’ll really like the overall quality. Alpinestars makes more expensive suits, but they don’t skimp on quality in their more modestly priced suits… overall leather quality and thickness is the same throughout the line. There are a few key features of these suits that stand out…

Comfort is enhanced with these suits. As I mentioned before, the one piece isn’t so extremely pre-curved you can’t be comfortable when standing. Also, both suits make widespread use of flexible materials in the underarm, above the elbow and in the crotch and inside the legs and behind the calves. All these materials will help get a good snug fit in the suit but still allow you comfort and agility.

The armor is great in these suits… The elbow armor comes well down the forearm. Same goes for the knee armor which extends down the shin. All the armor is affixed to the leather shell of the suit which better holds it in position if you fall as compared to lesser suits where the armor is installed in pockets built into the liner.

Another nice touch for comfort in these suits is the neoprene collar with the meshy/vented material behind the neck which will flow air and not be abrasive on your neck. And in each suit, the calf area is adjustable with an expansion zipper.

And to keep the suit fresh, the liner in both the one piece and two piece suits is removable for cleaning. The idea of a removable liner in a two piece is really unique and something you don’t really find when you put together a two piece from a sport jacket and pants sold separately.

For venting, the one piece suit has some perfs in the front torso area which will flow some air and both suits have venting down the back. Actually the top side of the speed hump is perforated and the hump itself is hollow which means the intake air will spill down your back. The one piece will be more forgiving for hot weather use as it has the front torso perfs. But that flex fabric I mentioned above is all over both suits, so that will admit a lot of fresh air over your skin.

I really think you will agree these suits offer a LOT of value considering all the features and the excellent build quality. And really the optional armor system is fantastic. Please have a look at our photo gallery where we point out many of these features. :: Paul, 03-12-15

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