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REVIT Rival H2O Boots

  • Constructed of Pampas cowhide and PWR Shell; the Pampas cowhide has a polyurethane coating for excellent weatherproofing. PWR Shell has been developed by REV’IT and is similar to cordura
  • Hydratex® G-liner provides all-weather protection in a waterproof, breathable package
  • Thermo-formed shin plate, heel and toe plates for optimum protection
  • SP seamless protection pads at the ankles
  • Easy entrance strap
  • Anatomical shaped foot bed
  • Oil and gasoline resistant sole
  • Reflective panel on heel

More info: This document explains some of the features and materials listed above. (Not all REV’IT! products have all the features or materials listed. Use your back button after viewing.)

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

Sometimes I think I should begin consulting for non-US based companies on how to convert their sizes to US equivalents. The first piece of advice I’d offer would be ONLY PUBLISH ONE SIZE CHART! Annoyingly, REV’IT! publishes one set of conversions on their boot box and a different conversion in their literature (see the chart below). Sure, I’m splitting hairs here a bit, but come on guys.

Several of us in the office tried these boots on for comparison to REV’IT!’s size chart(s) and also to compare to the fit of other boots. We find the length of the boots as shown in their conversion chart on the boot box to be most accurate. Thankfully for most of us, both charts are pretty close anyway, but in the bigger sizes the charts vary more (any customer opinions would be welcome here, BTW).

As to overall fit, we find these boots are a C to D width, or “medium”. They fit a lot like Sidi boots which are are on the more narrow end of the spectrum. Just an FYI, brands that fit wider are Alpinestars and TCX.

Size US Conversion
On The Box
US Conversion
from REV’IT! Catalog
36 4 4.5
37 4.5 5
38 5.5 6
39 6 6.5
40 7 7
41 7.5 8
42 8.5 9
43 9.5 10
44 10 10.5
45 10.5 11
46 11.5 12
47 12 13

Ladies Conversion: REV’IT! doesn’t have a ladies conversion in their catalog, but we’ve always subtracted “1” from the men’s size to get the ladies equivalent which has always worked well.

Our Two Cents

As of this writing, REV’IT! offers two styles of boots… the Rival H2O and the Apache H2O. I’ll tell you about both at the same time because they are actually VERY similar. First, the main difference between the boots is the sole design. If you take the “View Larger Images” link above you can see some good close-up photos of the sole and also some shots showing the height of the boots. (The link to the other style is below). As you can see, the Rival has a more flat sole which would be best suited for street and sport riders. The Apache has a bit thicker sole with more aggressive tread better suited for adventure touring riding. The minor difference between the two is that the Rival is a mix of leather and textile and the Apache is a mix of leather and suede. I really can’t imagine the textile vs. suede makes any functional difference, although off-road boots oftentime incorporate suede in their boots and the “look” is more suited to the Apache’s adventure touring roots. In just about all other respects the boots are very similar: Both styles are made for comfort, protection and to keep your feet dry. I tried on both and I really like the initial comfort. I couldn’t detect any difference in fit at all. I had one of each on and wouldn’t have known really. The interior is soft and plush and well made. Of course the boots were new and a bit stiff, but I think they will break in easily. They very much remind me of the old Oxtar Matrix (now called TCX X-Five). Those boots have been fan favorites for years from touring riders and commuters. The boots are actual leather rather than man-made materials (very popular with Sidi and Alpinestars) and a lot of people think they break in better and feel more like they’ve been built for you. One unique feature of both is the large grab handle in back. It looks cool and makes the boots super easy to put on… I like that! Like a lot of other waterproof styles, the boots utilize a waterproof/breathable membrane between the outer shell and inner lining to keep out water, but also to allow foot moisture to escape. Stiffeners in the toe and heel and also integral armor pieces in the shin and on each side of the ankle round out the protective pieces (the usual suspects). Overall, I really like these boots and think you will too. They aren’t cheap by any means, but high end footwear isn’t cheap, now is it. :: Paul, 10-05-12

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