Speed and Strength Speed Shop Boots

  • Synthetic leather PU upper
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Molded internal toe and ankle reinforcements
  • “Lockdown” adjusters with metal buckle
  • Side zip entry

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in street boots. Our crew tried on a few different sizes and thought they fit well. The foot/instep area of this boot is kinda roomy like a typical engineer boot. The overall width we think is about a “D” or “E”.

Those with feet more narrow than average (B or C) probably won’t like the fit unless they install an extra insole to help fill the volume.

Our Two Cents

Update: We bought all remaining boots of this style and we are offering a great deal. This happens to be the boot I chose when I bought my new Shadow and I’ve enjoyed having them. – Paul

Speed and Strength’s new Speed Shop boot is an engineer-style boot with a few twists for the motorcyclist. The sole is a typical rubber lug sole of medium thickness (but not so thick as to be a problem for most shifter arrangements). The upper is synthetic black leather and the toe box and heel area are reinforced (no other motorcycle-specific protection though). The boots have a sharp look, like a typical engineer boot but they have a couple Velcro close buckles on the outside ankle area for some added style and those straps are also useful too. They allow you to adjust the neck of the boot and to a lesser extent the tightness of the boot over the instep area. Speaking of the neck area, notice the rounded padded leather to help keep it from rubbing your ankle.

The boots have a a zipper on the inside of the foot to make them easy to take off and put on. The side zipper arrangement is pretty typical for motorcycle boots. Take the “View Images” link above to see some good close-up shots we took in our studio. Overall, this is a simple, but sharp design and the price is reasonable for what you get (IMHO). :: Paul, 05-28-13


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