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Icon 1000 Elsinore Boots

  • 12” top grain leather upper
  • Goodyear™ welt construction
  • Strap and Icon cast metal buckle closures
  • Icon stamped metal heel plate
  • Heat pressed leather shifter panel
  • Heat pressed molded leather shin plate
  • Internal ankle protection
  • Axialmetric steel shank
  • YKK® zippers

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Sizing Information

The fit of boots and shoes is a hard thing to quantify, but we give it a shot by just trying on a few pair and seeing how they compare to other brands we sell. My impression was that this boot is a “D” or medium width and the length is generally true to the stated size. A rugged boot like this is sometimes overly roomy where your foot might “rattle around” inside, but I thought these boots fit very well. The calf part of the boot is somewhat adjustable with the side buckles… +/- about 1/2 inch, which for a calf measurement is quite a lot. I have average-to-larger calf sizes and the boots fit me just fine in the middle position, so with the adjustment, I think they will fit almost anybody.

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Our Two Cents

When I first saw the Elsinore become available, I wondered whether they were just about style or were they a good boot. The price is certainly reasonable which gave me pause. Could Icon really produce a boot with looks like this for the price? Well it seems so. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall look and feel of the boot. The leather is very thick and although they’ll take some break-in to be completely comfortable, the quality is there. I talked a bit about adjustability above and at first glance thought uh-oh, these things are going to be a royal pain to get on and take off with all those buckles, but then I noticed the full side zipper! Great… easy-on and easy-off. You won’t be disappointed with the overall looks of this boot in person. Icon has captured the retro style of vintage off-road boots and because of the good job they do with the materials and the way they distress them, they look great. The soles are very rugged and have an internal shank. The toe box and heel are reinforced and there is a firm shin plate built in behind the logo in front. If you take the “View Larger Images” link above you can check out the height of the tops and sole. Also shown is the function of the side zipper and there is also seen one of the two ankle bone protectors built in (the outside one is hidden between the leather and inner liner, but it is there!). Now there is no need to find that old vintage boot for the “look”, and you’ll be better protected than you could hope to get with mid-century design. :: Paul, 09-14-12

PS: If a shorter boot is more your style, have a look at the El Bajo (link below). I has a similar look, but in a hiker height.

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Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Benjamin D.
Location: California

Very nice boot for the money, nice leather, steel buckles, double stitching where you need it, and killer styling.

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