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Speed and Strength Lunatic Fringe Armored Vest

  • Tri-composite “Fierce™” mesh, P.U. and flex foam frame
  • C.E. approved injection molded spine protector
  • Injection molded chest protector
  • “Light’Em UP™” L.E.D. lighting system
  • Flex form construction
  • “Lockdown” waist and shoulder adjusters

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Sizing Information

We have a size Large/XL on our Fit Check Mannequin Dewey and it fits just fine. He wears an XL in men’s clothing and has about a 45” chest. I measured the range of adjustability on the Large/XL vest and it has a very wide range using the lower large Velcro closures. At a minimum, I measured 38” and at a max about 48”, which would be well within the range of bellies for a person who wears a large or XL. If you are between sizes, I’d say, choose the larger size only because the vest is quite short and rides high on the chest.

Our Two Cents

As a back protector/chest protector combo, I really like this vest. The protectors front and back feel substantial yet comfortable. I think this would be a good upgrade for anybody to wear UNDER a jacket or suit. (And you’d probably remove the stock back protector to make room). To get both a chest protector and a nice back protector at this price looks like a good deal to me. And then there is the novelty LED lights that are built into the back pad. These are for visibility at night (or for pure show). For the lights to be visible, you’d be wearing the armored vest OVER clothing. So I guess the LED feature is dependent upon how you plan to use the vest. The lighting is a simple scheme really. There are lights positioned in the little “vents” of the back protector and there is a small plastic box with an on/off switch and large watch battery positioned in a little fabric pocket on the left shoulder. Just press the button repeatedly to get one of three modes…. solid on light, slow blinking, fast blinking, and “off” of course. The lights work OK and would be visible at night, but aren’t particularly bright and the positioning of the button is in the most awkward place possible…. under the shoulder strap, on the back side of your shoulder. So either you have to un-velcro the shoulder strap and remove the vest to turn the lights on/off or get a friend to do it. I couldn’t reach it by myself. Anyway… A+ for inventiveness, “C” for design. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see the lights in action and the controller and vest in detail. Overall, regardless of the lighting gimmickyness (is that a word?), you’ll have a great back/chest protector and something to show your friends to boot. :: Paul, 07-31-13