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Icon Stryker Rig

  • CE approved Stryker back armor with d30® breathable insert
  • CE approved elbow protection with d30® breathable inserts
  • CE approved shoulder protection with d30® breathable inserts
  • Injection molded chest plate with integrated air intakes
  • Articulating injection molded hard back armor with air flow channels
  • Adjustable waist straps for a secure fit
  • Thumb-holes hold sleeves in place
  • Back protector and adjustable waist straps are removable
  • Adjustment strap secures elbow armor in place
  • Biofoam and airmesh chassis

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Sizing Information

There are two sizes of this jacket to cover the range from men’s Med to XXL. Choose the size based on what you normally buy in men’s clothing. The jacket has adjustment straps for the waist and we found that they easily fit subjects within the range specified (and then some).

You can use this size chart from Icon to choose the size of Rig that corresponds to your shirt/jacket size.

Stryker Rig Size Your Normal Jacket Size
Regular Medium – Large
Large XL – XXL

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Our Two Cents

Well, I must say the Stryker “Rig” is just that…. quite the rig! This garment combines the functions of most all the other Stryker products into one easy-to-wear garment. I was surprised at the comfort. I tried this on over a very thick cotton t-shirt and despite all the complexity and components, it was very comfortable. Not a single pinch point! One thing is for sure… this rig looks super sharp. Like something out of a futuristic flick. What can you do with it? Well, for starters, the back protector component is removable, so you can use the back protector independently from the rest of the rig just like any other back protector made to be worn under a suit or jacket. And, BTW, the back protector feels very robust. The rest of the rig… the elbow armor, shoulder pads and chest plate can be worn to add impact protection to any non-armored riding jacket. I say non-armored, because I don’t think you’d be able to wear this under a jacket with armor already installed because it would be just too bulky. The armor on the rig is definitely top quality, so you could remove the armor from a riding jacket and wear this underneath. As far as wearing it alone? I couldn’t recommend it in the abrasion protection department. The materials in the rig that were selected to hold all the armor comfortably in place is high quality, but it is delicate stuff. It would disintegrate instantly if it came in contact with moving asphalt. But use your imagination…. I’m sure you can figure out a way to use the rig. I know I will just for the ego boost! Paul 03-27-12