Special Promotional Rebate

Enjoy a promotional gift certificate rebate from MotorcycleGear.com!
Please see individual product pages for the rebate amount(s).

Here's how it works:
  • Buy the product at the price shown on the product page.
  • Once you've received the item, try it on and make sure that a return or exchange will not be necessary.
  • If you will be returning an item with a rebate offer, please use our normal return/exchange procedures (but don't request the rebate until you are completely satisfied and have the product you will be keeping).
  • When you’ve decided that the product is a "keeper", please fill out the short form below to request your rebate.
  • We will promptly generate the gift certificate and send it to you via email upon request.
  • Enjoy the product you bought and feel free to use the gift certificate on any future purchase from MotorcycleGear.com!
  • Terms for the promotional rebate gift certificate are the same as with any Gift Certificate from MotorcycleGear.com.

Rebate Request Form

Note: Before requesting the gift certificate be sure that you have received your entire order and will not be returning or exchanging the item that carries the rebate.

Did you buy multiple items with a rebate offer?: You may make a combined request if you bought more than one rebate-eligible item on a single order, but you must submit separate requests for multiple items with different order numbers.