Nolan N-Com B4 Bluetooth Communication System N104 ::

Nolan N-Com B4 Plus Bluetooth Communication System N104 Single Pack

Fits the Nolan N104 Evo, N104, N44 and N40 Helmets

  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices like a passenger/other riders helmet, cell phone or GPS
    (helmets must be equipped with the B4)
  • Bluetooth intercom up to a half mile
    (in open terrain)
  • Communicate with up to 4 riders
    (one at a time)
  • FM Radio with 6 pre-settings
  • Connect non-Bluetooth devices with a standard headphone jack
    (audio cable not included)
  • Manufacturers warranty info
  • N-Com comparison table
Package Contents
  • (1) Helmet headset with speakers, boom mic, keypad, battery cover, Bluetooth card, antenna, and connector ports for 3.5mm and micro USB
  • (1) Rechargeable battery
  • (1) Battery charger
  • (1) Micro USB cable
  • (1) Allen key

Note on Pricing: This unit is now a BARGAIN. The B4 only became widely available this spring, and we quickly stocked up on units, but now the B5 is available and I’m marking down the B4 to move out my inventory. What’s the difference? Have a look at the feature list of the B4, and look at the list for the B5. The two most significant differences are, the B4 has a slightly longer range. The B5 will accommodate communications with 6 people and the B4, four people.

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Our Two Cents

The Nolan N-Com B4 Bluetooth Communication System is specifically designed for use on the N104 Evo and N104 Helmets although it also works with the N44 and N40. Installation is seamless and simple taking only a few minutes thanks to the new design configuration. The electronics and slimmer battery fit like a cartridge behind the lower trim at the rear of the helmet. The keypad mounts on the left side of the helmet and features raised rubber buttons for easier use.

The B4 allows for wireless communications between your helmet and another Bluetooth device, a passenger or other riders helmet, cell phone or GPS. All helmets must be equipped with the B4.

Rider to rider communication between Two B4 systems is good up to a half mile in open terrain. A new function permits users to communicate with Four additional riders equipped with their own B4. The B4 does not have “conference mode”, this means the Four users in a talk group can only communicate with One person at a time.

Firmware updates as well as presetting of the radio stations, volume controls, etc. can be done by connecting the B4 to a computer via the USB cable with the N-Com Wizard program.

For assistance with firmware updates and setting up your N-Com system contact the N-Com division at Nolan through their website or by phone #630-701-1601.

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