M4 Yamaha R6 2006-14 Street Slayer Slip On Exhaust with Muffler Box Eliminator Kit

Installation of the Muffler Box Eliminator Kit requires cutting the stock system at the muffler box. This is a simple procedure that is done with common tools. However, we strongly suggest you read the complete instructions contained in THIS PDF before ordering.

Motorcyclegear.com is not responsible or liable for the outcome of this installation. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, have it installed by a certified mechanic!

Price Match Info

Aftermarket Exhausts Are For Race Use Only

  • Shorty muffler
  • Carbon end cap
  • 3 horsepower increase
  • Weighs 8.5 lbs less than the stock exhaust
  • Muffler box eliminator kit included
  • Installation hardware included
  • Installation instructions included
Muffler options:
  • Carbon Can/Carbon End Cap with Muffler Box Eliminator Kit #YA6624-MBE

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Product Video

Our Two Cents

When replacing the OEM/stock exhaust, consider upgrading to a high performance air filter like K&N or BMC.

Fuel injection remapping is not always necessary, but it is the best way to get maximum performance out of a slip on exhaust.

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